Saturday, November 9, 2013

Run Forrest, Run!

Well we did it.  After a long, eventful drive, we finally found the correct location and we ran in our race that we have been "training" for.  We started out jogging down the gravel road and then it took us to the cattle pastures, with nice fresh cow pies!  We ran through the pasture for awhile and then came to "the woods."  We went up a mountain rather large hill (I forgot those existed in this state after living in the flats for so long!) over trees and through creeks and up and down more hills.  I can't lie.  I walked.  A lot.  I only rolled both of my ankles twice, so not bad considering I am known to do that when running from first to second base! I only saw one of the mile markers, three, so I knew I was closing in on the finish line by then.  There was one point that I crossed the creek and then I lost the path.  I couldn't see trail markers and I couldn't see any other runners.  I finally caught a glimpse of a shirt way ahead of me so I headed towards it and finally found the trail again.  I didn't take my phone with me since I didn't know how wet I was going to be getting, so no pictures.  I was racing a girl at the finish line and so I didn't even look to see what my time was.  

I got done, grabbed a bottle of water, and went to wait for the boss to finish.  And then someone started calling my name.  I turned around to see a high school classmate.  I talked to him a bit and then went to see what the timer said, it was just rolling over to 50 minutes.  I'm not sure if they will post times online or not, but I'm still happy I finished under 50 minutes considering the terrain I was on!  The boss finished shortly after and instead of grabbing the famous beef stew they have, we decided to head home.  

So today I'm thankful I finished!  I'm also thankful for my training partner, even though we are probably the worst partners ever, as neither of us ever push us...  

And when I got home I got a package full of goodies to start my next venture with-- we're going to see how well I can sell things! Wish me luck!

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