Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May Day

First of all, if you ever have the opportunity to see Garth, go.  Secondly, invite me to go with.  Ahhhh-maze-ing!!!  Both nights! ;)

In other news, believe it or not, I have my garden in.  Now I'm just waiting for the hail storm that always comes right after I do that...

The Knollies are done planting and will now start getting all the equipment ready to spray.

The weather and my schedule haven't been fully cooperative for much riding, but I was able to hop on last night for a few minutes before DJ got home and we had to leave.

I made a coffee cake for work.  It thought it was meant to be a pancake so it was a little flat, but don't worry, it only lasted two days...

A co-worker gave me some rhubarb so I think I'll be making a pie soon!  Who's coming over?!

Floyd and Francis are still alive and I still have three kittens-- if you can still call them that!

It was brought to my attention that my header needs changed.  Instead of three critters I was told to change it to a petting zoo.  That's not a bad idea...  if only I can figure out how to edit that!

That's all I can think of to ramble about for now.  Have a splendid week.  We're on the downhill slide *insert cha cha emjoi*