Thursday, February 20, 2014

You Know It's Windy When...

The water in the toilet bowl is moving and you haven't used it in quite some time... 

I hope the SHITMON holds up!! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

The day some love.  The day some hate.  And the day I could care less about...

In elementary, it meant a school party-- win!
In high school, the office would fill with flowers for all the girls and make all the others feel like crap because they don't have a boyfriend-- or in my case I had a boyfriend but didn't get flowers delivered to school, more on that in a bit.
In college it was a reason for us girls to get together and have our own date nights.
And now, it means I go to work and then go home.  Just like every other day! 
Tonight is going to get pretty crazy though, I'm taking MC to the vet to get weighed.  (Yeah, I know y'all are jealous of my V-Day!)

DJ and I have been together for a few Valentine's Days.  The first one I went out to eat with another guy.  (DJ knows about that now...)  And those V-Days since?  I couldn't tell you anything about them!  I know I've told him (multiple times) not to get me roses, or any flowers, on February 14.  That's just a waste of my barn money crazy to spend that kind of money for something that tomorrow will be half the price.  I remember one year he got me a bowl.  He went with a friend who got his wife a piece of pottery and so he thought he needed to get me one.  That bowl now holds onions in the corner where no one really sees it.  I told him to think for himself next time!!  Other than that, I have no idea if he's given me anything on Valentine's Day or not, and I'm completely okay with that!!  Just like I don't care that I've never received a Christmas present from him, even though I tend to go crazy at Christmastime!

I get stuff on a random Tuesday because he saw it and thought of me.  I got Buzz Balls a few weeks ago, for no reason.  I'm getting a barn.  I got an Explorer to drive my dogs around in.  Heck, he gave me a place to live when he knew me for a hot second and never asked for anything in return!  I got a ring.  (Man, I think I better go get him a better V-Day gift after writing this post...)

My point is, even though the calendar says Valentine's Day is on February 14, we celebrate it randomly throughout the year.  We're like that-- random. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bad Things Happen to Good People

This week has been one of wait and see.  One of DJ's old co-workers is sick.  He's been sick for a couple years with cancer, but this time it wasn't the cancer.  He has a hole in his colon and his body has been poisoning itself.  By the time they figured out what was wrong, it was too late to do anything.  When he went in on Sunday, they gave him 24-48 hours.  Two years ago they gave him six months to live.  I'm hoping the doctors are still bad at telling time.

We still haven't heard that anything has changed, but I'm doing all I can do right now.  Praying for his comfort.   Praying for his family.  Praying for the doctors. Please join me.