Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Tradition

For many years now, I've said that it isn't Christmas with our family until someone cries.  It's been me.  It's been a sister.  It's been ma.  It's been more than one of us!  It's always a surprise as to who it will be.  

A few years ago, I started it and there was a chain reaction.  I mean popping bubble wrap leads to things being thrown, which leads to a cast iron skillet landing on my foot.  Leading to me laughing so hard I cry and then somehow that turns into me crying over JDB, whom had passed a few months prior.  Naturally, this is a chain reaction and tears start flowing all over the room.  

There was no alcohol involved.  Promise.  Ha!

This year we were all gathered in the living room opening presents.  MS was opening her last one.  It was a quilt I made her.  Cue: tears.  I start laughing asking why she's crying.  (Apparently that is what I do when I cause people to cry-- ask them why they are crying!!)  She loved it.  I told her it was terrible, but she didn't listen.  I told her to use it for her photographs for babies.  She said no, she's saving it for her first.  I already told her I'd make him one once I know what I'm doing!!  

And that's when I knew it was Christmas!! 

I didn't take a picture of it, so I'll have to see if I can get one from her to put on here.  There was more tears later, again, no alcohol involved.  Ever.  ;) 

And so we put another Christmas story in the books!!  Hope you all carried on your family traditions as well!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to spend it with your family And friends!

DJ had to work Christmas eve. Once he got home we went to his brother's place for supper with his family. Christmas morning we loaded up the boys and headed to my parents' house for Christmas with my family. A lot of fun was had and more than enough food was consumed! We ended the night by watching Dumb and Dumber after a bowl of soup!

Today we went and met an old friend of mine whom is visiting over the holidays. We were able to meet her son for the first time. He was so well behaved and everyone in the restaurant loved him!! Such a happy baby.

Please remember those serving for us, wherever they may be, whom are unable to spend the holiday season with their loved ones. Send a quick shout out to them to brighten their day!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Well it's going to be a white Christmas for us this year. Wednesday evening and Thursday morning we got snow! In the form of a blizzard. We even had thunder snow! DJ and I had a snow day on Thursday and I got another one on Friday. Started my Christmas vacation out a couple days earlier!! MS thought it wasn't fair since she still had to go in. Turns out they got about a quarter of the snow we did! I think they decided we got around 13 inches. I don't know how they tell since it was blowing almost 50 mph at times so our yard goes from practically bare to a couple foot high drifts! Yesterday turned out to be pretty nice and the sun was shining so I decided to load up the dogs and go for a ride. We rode around the farm for a bit before the sun started to go down and it got chilly. I love busting drifts in horseback. I giggle so much it's a miracle I stay on! Here's a couple pictures of the snow! Ignore my finger, it was bright out and I was just pointing and shooting by guess!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Ahh Ive been super busy lately and haven't taken the time to write!  Hopefully after the holidays things will calm down again.  I am done Christmas shopping-- this may be the earliest that's ever happened before!  Usually I'm still looking on Dec. 24! 

I have a presentation I need to get together for tomorrow, so this isn't much of a post.  Sorry.

More to come.  Soon?

Monday, December 10, 2012


DJ got Thanksgiving off so he had to work the following Saturday.  I had to run in and do the weekend chores at work and then pretty much had a lazy day.  I decided to run to town because there was an awesome deal at the fabric store.  It was a pretty nice day out so the dogs were outside.

I got back from the store and they weren't there to meet me-- odd.  So I decided to go see if I could find them.  There are four houses in the family all within a mile of each other and sometimes they like to go visit-- go ahead and tell me how terrible this is that we let our farm dogs run around...  just wait!

I pulled out of the driveway without stopping to unload the car (I had also stopped to grab some eggs, bread, milk, butter, and beer...).  I headed towards the creek and I saw UC lying in the grass.  Hmm... okay.  As I slowed down he sat up and looked at me.  I pulled over and rolled the window down yelling at him.  He didn't come.  That's strange.  I got out and went around the car and he started walking up to me, but then turned back around so I followed him.  He took me down to the creek where I found JW.

A muddy, muddy, muddy JW just lying in the mud.  He was stuck in a trap, not even fighting, he just looked at  me like, "help me, mom" so I jumped in the creek and tried to get him out.  Between all the mud, UC trying to be right there seeing if his buddy was okay, and not being familiar with traps, I soon decided that I wasn't going to be able to get him out of it.  I was able to pull the whole thing out of the creek.  It was a struggle to get him and the trap and me up the bank.  UC was trying to help, but was more in the way than anything, we somehow got the trap stuck to his collar-- found that out when I tried putting JW in the car!!  I got them unhooked and both of them (still muddy messes) loaded into the car.  I called DJ's brother but didn't get an answer.  I then called his mom and asked if his dad was around and if he could help me.

I arrived at their place and his dad was able to get the trap off JW after fiddling with it a bit.  I wrapped him up in a blanket and held him while applying pressure to his back foot to slow the bleeding down.  I was sitting in the passenger seat and UC was in the back seat leaning through and trying to clean him up.  He was so worried.  DJ pulled in about then.  We got UC out of the car (much to his disliking) and DJ's parents took him home.  He was less than thrilled with the idea of leaving his little brother.  We headed to the emergency vet hospital and got him in right away.  They cleaned him up and decided to take x-rays to see what everything looked like.  I was sure his back leg was broken, as it took the brunt of the beating!! 

After awhile the doctor came in and said nothing was broken but the trap had gone through toe of his little toes so we had to give him pain meds, antibiotics, and anti-inflamatory pills.  They had given him a shot for pain so he wasn't limping when we went home, just very tired.

UC was quite glad to see his lil brother when we got home, however JW was a little crabby and just wanted to drink/eat/sleep.  So we gave him his pills with supper and put him to bed.

He was sore the next few days and wasn't himself.  He laid in bed except to go outside.  About a week later he was more himself so I let him outside for a bit.  When I let them back in, he was limping.  I took that as a sign that he wasn't quite ready to go back to his normal routine, so he stayed inside most the time, but would still run around in there.  He still limps if he is on it for too long and goes up and down stairs on three legs.  Also when UC steps on one of his bad feet he will yelp and favor it, but usually forgets about it after four seconds.  I think he would go out and play more, but he is not a fan of the cool temps we've been having so he usually goes out to do his business and runs back to the door! 

FYI: the trap was set illegally, so yes, you can say we're bad pet owners for letting them run around, but the trap shouldn't have been set there in the first place.  We have also installed an underground fence now, so hopefully they will learn their boundaries quickly.  (I'm sure I'm a bad parent for using a shock system-- but I've been shocked and I learned quickly!!)   Now go ahead and judge me :)

Monday, December 3, 2012


That's right-- We're going bowling!!  :)

Maybe I can talk DJ into road tripping!! Sounds fun to me!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Written on the Sunday of the Mississippi trip:
I told Ma I was sleeping in today and not to wake me up. I woke up and she wasn’t in her bed so I text her, only for her phone to go off two foot away from me. Here she comes out of the bathroom for it… I ask her what she was doing—she had gone in there to read instead of using the book light I brought for her. She headed down to work out and I said I would be down shortly. I got up and dressed and headed down for my run. Ugh—treadmills are NOT my style!! I used to think they were easier than running on the ground, but I sweated more today than I have in a long, long time!! There was NO air movement in there and I’m pretty sure they had the heat on! Not a fan. I finished running and we went and had breakfast. Mom said I could go shower and she would finish her tea and be up. I head upstairs and housekeeping is in our room. What’s the luck? Back down I go. She finished her tea and we came back up and they were just finishing up so I hopped in the shower then. I turned it on before I got in so it could warm up, yeah, it was pointed at the toilet. Water everywhere. Sweet. I shower. Somehow I knock or drop my retainer (yeah, I’m an old metal mouth—what of it!?) and broke it. Go figure. She gets in the shower and gets ready. We decide to go look for the place I was going to have my classes at and then grab lunch and then I’d bring her back to the hotel and go to my class. I look up the address and put it in the iPhone and hit go. After a few wrong turns, we get to where it says… the middle of a trailer park. Nailed it!
So we decide to just go to campus and see if we can find it. Right. This has to be the biggest campus ever!! Or just the least visitor friendly one. The campus map online has building names but doesn’t have street names. Campus streets have names and about 14 percent of the buildings have names on them—yes I did the math, ha! None of the streets are straight. None of the students had any idea this building even existed. Ma still can’t run the iPhone so it was pretty much go from parking lot to parking lot, parking so I could look at the phone and see if we were close. It was a Sunday so no one would answer the phone. After an explicit or two flew and I was running out of ideas, I saw a road we hadn’t been on so I shot up it and low and behold there she was! Ahhh… two hours later we found her! I run Ma back to the hotel and go back to the class.
Once class is over, I go back to the hotel. I remember to look for my debit card in the car. Can’t find it. Okay, must’ve stuck it in my purse or wallet. Up to the room I go to get Ma and take her to eat. I look through my purse while I wait for her. Nothing. We walk to the restaurant and back and I say I’m going to go look in the car again. Nothing. She decides she will look through her stuff. Nothing. So I call PB to get the number to report a lost card. Get it cancelled. I’m sure I’ll find it tomorrow or something now that I’ve cancelled it—that’s what has happened every other time I have lost it!! (no—this is not a first for me!) I decided to call it a night after that; hoping the luck of the trip would turn my way soon!

Monday, November 26, 2012


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend it with your loved ones.  It's a busy day, but just a heads up, boy do I have a story for you!!  Hopefully tomorrow!  Check back!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012



I remembered to email myself what I started typing in Mississippi. Hopefully I can fill in the blanks where I skipped writing! I'll start with the first day out and add more to it :)

The Drive.
DJ got up at 5am so he could go to breakfast with the guys.I got up once he got out of the shower.I showered and threw the last of my stuff in bags and loaded the car.I fed the dogs and Ma and I were off.
I don't recall the exact number, but a few hours into the trip, the GPS dies. Not from the battery being too low. I've had the thing for probably five years and I didn't take it inside when it got brutally hot or cold, so I guess Steveo had an excuse... so somewhere in Missouri we're on our own. Luckily Ma threw in an atlas (from the 1800's I'm guessing...) and between that and my iPhone (luckily I threw it and the wireless card in) we were able to get to Mississippi.

Once we got to town though, Ma apparently forgot how to tell her left from right and follow the highlighted directions!! After a few turn arounds, a few wrong turns, and a few choice words, we made it to the hotel.

We took some stuff in and then headed to eat. I found a restaurant online that was known for their cajun food, so I had to try it! It was a fun little place and the food was alright. Our main courses were sub-par but the appetizer was awesome!! (and healthy) Baked potatoes with everything you could imagine piled on... yumm!!

We headed back to the hotel and went read our books for a bit before falling asleep.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This past weekend Pa and I traveled to the big state of Texas.  We left on Thursday and made it to Norman, Oklahoma.  We ate some really good Mexican food before calling it a night.  The next day we arrived in Texas.  Friday and Saturday were spent hanging out with my aunt and uncle.  I will have to download my pictures and put them up so you can see all the random events that took place!!  Sunday we went to Texas Motor Speedway to watch the NASCAR cup race.  We headed home after that.

Once I can figure out how to put pictures from my iPhone to my computer, I'll be in business.  I hope you're looking forward to the entertaining details!! 

Friday, November 2, 2012


DJ's mom and I went trail riding this past weekend.  It was actually a competitive deal.  During the ride there were six obstacles that the riders performed and got judged on.  They judge the horse and the rider so it is a team effort. 

I have competed in FFA shows in the past. I'm talking in high school. Freshman year to be exact. Yeah... Approximately ten years ago. Trail class usually consisted of opening the arena gate, opening a mailbox, getting a rain jacket and rubbing it on the horse, crossing some poles, backing through an L shape, and ground tying. Nothing too crazy and in a confined area.

This competition you go out in small groups and ride the trail until you get to an obstacle. Our first one we had to go into mud and drag a life preserver out of the lake. Once everyone in the group completes the obstacle you continue on the trail until the next one. The second stop was a cowboy curtain. Made of red solo cups!  Beings this was the first time attempting this sort of thing, I went in the starter class so I didn't have to do this obstacle. We were allowed to try it though. Pony wasn't thrilled with it. I didn't push too hard though because he was already acting like this was his first time out of the barn! We continued on to the next where we had to pick up a spider web and hang it on a tree branch while going over poles, and stopping straddling one. The fourth obstacle was a gate sort of thing. They put pool noodles on some poles to make them look a spider. We had to walk through without touching the noodles. They also gave the option of getting off and walking through. The next one was a barrel that we had to put a lasso around. The final challenge was a black cape that we had to take off the pole and rub on the horse.

After completing all the obstacles we finished the trail, after getting a little lost and going in a few circles.  We then ate lunch and visited with each other. They had drawings for all sorts of stuff. His mom won some horse treats and I won some wild flower seed. After that they handed out awards. She received 4th place and I won the class!  I couldn't believe it.

They had a mounted archery demo. I had never seen this done besides on tv!  It looked like fun but sounded expensive so don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon!  We left after that, but were able o see most of the entries for the costume contest. There were some pretty good ones!  Way more creative than I was thinking!!

Overall it was a good time, but boy was I tired when I got home!!  Hopefully I can make it back to participate in some next year and try a different class. We'll see!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Remember the post I shared about the give away The Farmer's Wife was having?? Did you enter?? Well if you did, sorry. If you didn't, thanks, because I did!!  I'm pretty excited about it. What a way to start the weekend!  Yeah yeah I know I'm a little early but this helps the fact!

Next time I tell you about a give away she is having you'll have to listen to me and sign up!!

If I ever get that many followers maybe I'll have a give away too... Better get to telling your friends about me! ;)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick Or Treat

Happy Halloween!

I'm not one to get dressed up and go put and party.  Sorry.  Not me.  I used to be that girl.  In elementary.  Let me tell ya, there were some pretty crazy parties back then!!

In college, I don't remember what I wore.  Did I go out?  I don't remember.  I'm sure it was something JT had in her closet if I did get into it.  Oh yes.  There was a Marilyn Monroe costume once.  That's all I remember though. 

Well anyway.  Just shy of two years ago, I think, JT and I went to a costume store.  It was shortly after Halloween so all of the costumes were on sale.  After trying on every women's size M/L costume they had left, I ended up taking home a bumble bee one. 

And then I graduated in December.  And then I went back to school.  And then I got an internship and didn't go back to school.  And then my social life as I knew it had ended.  So I moved the bee costume from apartment to rental to house.  AND THEN...

I took up running.  And then I signed up for a 5k at work on Halloween.  It said to wear your costume.  So I broke it out.  Luckily I was wearing clothing under the costume, or it would NOT have been work appropriate, or even on my body... 

And I ran.  I flew really.  No I'm kidding, my wings wouldn't stay open.  I don't know how many pictures were taken but I 'm pretty sure the wings are visible in 12% of them.  So I think that's why I ran so slow!

These people running were seriously die hards!!  I thought this was a FUN run!  We finished second to last.  Boy do we have work to do!!  But we were practically the only ones in costume!  So I'll call that a win.


I hope your goody bags get filled with your favorite candy tonight!!

Happy halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Giveaway!!

The Farmer's Wife is as it again.  This time she is giving away this pretty sweet necklace from Dazcot Dezign.

Hurry on over and check it out and get yourself entered!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


The other day I had DJ drive the road I run and tell me where .25, .5, .75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, and 2 miles were so I would know for sure.  Then I ran yesterday.

I decided it was time to calibrate my little Nike running thingy that synchs with the iPhone.  (Okay, I'll find a picture)

NIKE+ iPod Sport Kit - Photo from Sports Authority

So I'm runnin, runnin, and runnin, runnin.  Finally I make it to the mile marker.  I hit end and calibrate it.  Yeah... it was way off.  Turns out my 5k I ran was probably only ehhh  maybe 2.5mi.  Maybe.

I should've known when MS, who has been shuffling running forever, texted me that she was jealous and I was a rockstar for doing it under 30 min. 

There goes my glory.  Out the window.  Sayonara sucker. 

Hope your week isn't full of depressing days like such...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Another Day

Earlier this week I was due for a run.  It was warm out so I didn't take UC.  I hooked up JW and cranked up the tunes.  (whoops-- just remembered I was going to email myself the trip post...maybe tonight.)  We headed out and did our warm up walk then started running like the wind.  I wasn't even ten minutes in and I thought I was going to die!!  Ugh... I thought this was supposed to get easier!?  I pushed on through and got to the half way point and turned around.

Due to the awesome road conditions, I tend to run in the middle of the road.  This leads to me looking over my shoulder every so often.  Well JW and I were almost to the corner and I glanced back like usual.  And then I face planted.  Just kidding, but some day I will write that and I won't be kidding... it's coming!  Ok, so I glance back.  Something is coming.  Okay, we'll move over.  I glance again.  Oh.  That is not a vehicle.  Those are horses.  There are two horses running at us.  Alright. 

So I get JW turned around and we keep running.  Although this was actually the easiest part of the run because I was focused on something besides my inablility to breath....  I get to them; luckily no cars decided to pass between this time.  They have their halters on, so I put my iPhone and JW's leash in one hand and have a horse on my other.  DJ's mom comes down the road then and brings me a lead rope.  She says she'll go put her dog away (the reason the horses were on the road...) and then come back and get him.  So I start walking him back, trying to keep JW away from the other one since she's scared of dogs.  His mom meets me and takes him from there.  JW and I turn back towards home.

UC sure is glad to see us.  I let him out so they can play around the yard.  I head into the kitchen to find a bag on the floor.  A bag that used to contain a pizza crust.  I guess he got even again...

Ahh just another day for me here!! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Kickin'

I'm sure you're glad to hear that I haven't let the running thing get the best of me.  Yet.  I actually ran my first 5k this weekend!  Well... it wasn't an organized event, I just ran 5k.  I did it under 30 min, which is what my training program says to allow-- go ahead and tell me, I'm a rockstar.  :)  Oh yeah, I was running with the pack-- all three dogs joined me for the jog.  I had to unleash UC and let him catch up during my cooldown.  (no worries-- he got back at me the next day...)

DJ and I cleaned out both garages (okay, the main one still needs worked on...) and then went to the city to look for some sort of storage.  He didn't find what he wanted and at the second store decided enough was enough so we went and got stuff to make pizza and headed home.  We made pizza, watched a movie, and went to bed.  We're almost too exciting! 

Sunday I got up and went riding with his mom and a couple of her friends.  The first place we tried was closed so we headed to another place.  We had a good ride, minus losing a person for awhile.  (nope-- not me this time!)  The ponies sure did get workouts in and it was a gorgeous day to be outside!!

I got home and let the dogs out.  I opened the door and smelled revenge.  Yep-- piles of dog poo.  Blech!!  I don't remember how many piles, but I do know I had to go get another sack for it all.  Who knew so much could come out of a dog in so little time!!  The more I think about it, maybe it wasn't revenge, maybe it was the biscuits(s) DJ fed him...

So I cleaned that up and showered and ate and worked on MS's Christmas present.  Yeah, I'm already thinking about Christmas!! 

Depending how it turns out, I may post a picture.

Have a great week and hopefully I'll remember to send the email with the stories from my trip to blogger and get those posted!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sorry for the lack of posting.  I was at a workshop for work all last week-- trust me, there will be some posts about that trip! 

On a completely different subject, we're done harvesting!!!  Whoooo hooo!  Yep, they finished up last week while I was gone.  It's hard to say if they still have some custom stuff to pick or not; I've barely seen DJ since last Wednesday, so I haven't been drilling him with twenty questions every time we talk.  Or maybe I just haven't been listening to the answers... okay, that's more likely the truth right there!!

I was also able to go junking before I left for the trip!!  I got three big windows, a lantern, a door knob, some block letters and these beautes!! 


You should really check out The Banks of Squaw Creek.  She has some great stuff on there!!  How fun.  I haven't figured out what to do with them yet, so they're sitting in the guest bedroom.  Ma was pretty impressed with them; I'm not sure DJ has seen them.

I'm not sure what to do with the windows yet either, but now have them for when I run across something fun and different on Pinterest!  I got the door knob for my corner door shelf, but haven't put it on yet to see if I like it (big surprise I know).  The blocks are on the molding around a door and a window.  I'm not sure if DJ has noticed them; he hasn't said anything about them anyway! 

I continued my running regime while gone.  I was quite impressed with myself-- I went after a fish fry and after a banquet, so I totally could have made up an excuse to just go to bed instead!!  Less than two months till the big day!!  Oh, I got signed up!  So did MS!!  Hopefully we all cross the finish line under our own power and not on a stretcher!!

I'll finish a blog about the trip soon and get it posted before you think I have given up on blogging again!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Running Running Running...

Keep those legs a movin... 

I hate running.  Simple as that.  I would be perfectly fine if I never ran again.  Ever.  I've never liked to do it.  That would be the main reason basketball and I never saw eye to eye.  Maybe if they still had 6 on 6.  I chose the sports with minimal running-- softball and volleyball.  I ran during practice because I had to. 

BUT I run.  And it's not in practice with a coach blowing a whistle at me.  I do it on my own.  Well, with UC and JW.  I don't consider myself a runner (mainly because I don't run far.  or fast.  or even daily).  I wish I liked running.  I would be skinny.  Every other day (let's not get too crazy here...) since the first of the month, I lace up my shoes and hit the road.  I look forward to the end of each run because I know I get the next day off!! 

I spose you are wondering why I run if I hate it so much.  Well let me tell you!!

I don't know what we were talking about at work or why it got brought up, but my boss mentioned running an off road race with her this fall.  Okay.  I'm in!!!  Wait.  What did I just say?!  So I pigged out that Friday and on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I started running.  I am following the Couch to 10k program.  So far it seems to be working.  I guess.  I have yet to experience the so called, "runners' high" but at least I'm running.  I don't think I'll be able to run the whole race, but at least I'll make it to the starting line! 

I'm trying to talk MS into running it as well; she's the next Forest Gump.  No kidding. 

I guess I'll be running until then.  Hopefully I start liking it.  Maybe even become addicted to it.  I guess I just have to look at it as, I have two working legs, I better use them.  I saw a saying on Pinterest once that said, "I run because I can.  When I get tired, I remember those who can't run, what they would give to have this simple gift I take for granted, and I run harder for them.  I know they would do the same for me."  So maybe I should be a little more positive...

UC developed a limp the other day so he hasn't been going running, but it seems to have healed up.  I'm debating on whether or not to take him again or maybe just take him walking on my off days.  I like to walk.  JW on the other hand, he loves running.  He keeps me going.  All four of his legs added up are still shorther than my one, but boy can he move!  He helps to keep me on my schedule!  Whenever I put tennis shoes on he is at the door ready to go! 

Wish me luck in the coming weeks!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Farmer's Wife

One of my favorite bloggers, The Farmer's Wife, is having a giveaway that I thought you all should know about!  This cute little pumpkin will be given away THIS Monday!  Go get entered!!

Also check out the rest of her blog!  I don't remember how I ran across it, but boy am I glad I did!!  I have tried many of her recipes (yumm) and also the 4-wheeler diaper cake for the baby shower I held this summer.  She's also great at keeping us informed of what's going on at their farm.  Her only downfall??  She's a Huskers fan!  I guess Ma would love her for that!! :o)

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Harvest Time

Crazy talk, pure crazy talk.  We've been in the field over a week now picking corn.  (And by we I mean DJ and the boys)  It's so early!!  The drought has caused the crop year to go really fast this year and we're getting into full swing.  They have two or three hundred of their acres out.  They have also done some custom picking, where they go pick other peoples' corn for them.  The beans are getting closer day by day.  I don't see a lot of DJ this time of year, but I try to remain available if they need me to run one of them somewhere, or pick them up, or bring something to them.  I also try to keep food (and booze) in the fridge for easy meals on the go-- any suggestions are welcome!!

Luke Bryan might say it better than I do!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


That would explain my family.  Case in point:

We all went back home for the holiday weekend.  After a bottle (or two) of wine and some plumbing issues, MS declared she was ovulating.  Yep.  This led to ma making an exception to the rule of "No sex at ma and pa's" for the evening.  This led to me writing up a babysitting agreement between ma and MS.  I signed as the witness.

If only I had a copy of that agreement to post...

I have yet to hear if she took.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Front Yard Fun

With the rental went the electrical pole in the front yard, which just happened to be what the climbing rose bush climbed.  I'm not sure where I was when they tore the pole out, but I was a little sad to see the rose bush gone.  And then I was told they had saved it and it was laying by the garage.  Perfect!  So I went to work digging a hole and stuck it in and watered it.  And watered it.  And watered it.  And nothing.  Finally DJ ripped it out and sent it to the burn pile.  Sad. 

Fast forward a couple months when DJ was mowing one day and low and behold:  They were growing back where the pole had been!  And he didn't mow it over!!  That's right.  Made. My. Day!  Whoop Whoop!!  And then another little one popped up.  And then another.  WHAAAT!!!  Awesome.  And they kept growing.  And growing.  And growing.  After watching them grow like weeds, we decided they needed something to climb.  The big one was at the point of just falling over.  I told DJ we could put the flag pole there, but he was not a fan of that idea.  I suggested picking something up at Home Depot or Menards.  He pretty much ignored me. 

And then he had an idea. 

I love it!  I bought this old wheel from my grandparents' auction without having an idea where to put it or what to do with it.  I guess DJ got tired of it sitting behind the shed and decided to put it in the front yard!  (Ignore poor Teddy hanging out in the background... he might've lost a nose that day...)  I'm hoping once the other smaller ones start to grow I'll be able to weave them in the wheel as well.  I'm pretty excited for it to bloom next year!

I don't think DJ considered the fact that he just added something to the yard meaning he'll have to weed eat around it!! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Years in the Making

I finally got around to taking pictures of my "big" project!  I lost the charger to one camera and the other one was dead so I took them with my iPhone.  They're not the best, and maybe sometime when I remember to plug the camera in I can get better ones!  With help from JT, PB, SH, and DJ I was able to get it done relatively quickly!  It was really simple to do as well.  The door came from the rental.  I can't remember which door it was... maybe the bedroom.  I don't know if it was an original door or not, but the rental was built in the 1800's and with as many layers of paint that JT and I had to scrape off, I'd be willing to bet it was original!!  That was definitely the hardest part of the project!! I was probably going to put another coat of paint on in the end, but when I spilled the paint everywhere and broke the can, that changed my mind quickly!!  Whoops. 

Here's the finished product.  Okay, almost finished... I have to put the door knob back on yet! 

Here's a closer look at each shelf. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Making Dad Proud

The seed company PB works for, which is also the seed company that DJ's family buys the seed from, held their summer kickoff last Tuesday so we headed north for the party.  Who can resist free food, booze, and lodging?  Not us!!  We get there early so we head to the hotel bar.  We see some folks from back home and they inform us PB has a tab open (translation: Hello free drinks!!).  We chat there for awhile before the conference room is opened up.  Once that opened we headed there and got some more drinks and some snacks that were sitting out for us.  We chatted with a bunch of people, from the old home and from the new home areas. 

Once it got close to supper time, we all went into the conference room and enjoyed a steak dinner and more drinks.  After everyone ate, they gave away some TV's (none of us won, boo).  Our entertainment for the night was the Dueling Pianos.  This was my first experience with them, and I have to say, they were so much fun!!  They got us all involved and I think everyone stayed until the end!  One of the guys I went to high school with was called up to participate in one part of it and they gave him the nickname Brawney Man.  Once he had that nickname, there was no getting away from being the entertainment for the rest of us (at his expense!)  They called him up to dance or something, and after a glass or two too many of CR, I decided I needed to go show him how it is done! 

Bad idea...  I shed the flip flops and started doing my tumbling.  I must have been inspired by the olympics or something!  This was a shock for DJ and my old roommate, as neither of them had a clue I could do such things!!  So then I was called Cartwheel Girl.  I also stole a bunch of pens and passed them out to the crowd before skipping on out of there back to the hotel bar (because clearly I needed more to drink!!) 

PB called the next morning and said they had mentioned me in the meeting... apparently I didn't medal at the olympics.  Yep, I'm sure he was proud of his baby that night!!

Oh darn you CR, you win again!!

Friday, August 10, 2012


You know how when you get home from vacation and you feel so rested up and ready to take on the world?  Yeah, that was not me.  Woofta!  What a trip!!

I left last Thursday for County on the River in Prairie du Chien, WI.  I had to pick up JT and LR on the way, not to mention pack before I left, so Day 1 of vacation: no sleeping in.  We get to the hotel and meet up with PW and WI to do a little jet skiing.  Off to the lake we go.  Arrive at lake.  Get informed the lake is a "No wake lake."  Leave.  (maybe crack open a cold one about now...)  Once PW and WI decide on a new lake we head that way.  Two hours later: arrive at new lake.  I think we were on the water for a touch over three hours. Jet skiing. Falling off Jumping off to pee.  Crawling back on jet ski.  Tubing.  Falling off.  Crawling back on tube.  Falling off.  Crawling back on ski.  Falling off (due to some terrible driving...).  Crawling back on ski.  Jumping.  Soaking up sun.  Etc...  Talk about a workout!!  Those aren't supposed to happen on vacation!!!  By the time we get loaded up and on the road again, we're all starving.  Off to BWW's we go to fill our little tum tums.  Then to the hotel.  Hot tub.  Shower.  Pass out!!!

Enter Friday.  Holy soreness.  Wake up early to go to breakfast at the joint down the road.  Eat (yummm).  Booze/Chair run.  Off to COTR!  Arrive.  Park.  Drink.  Sweat.  Burn.  Drink.  Burn.  Sweat.  Repeat.  Ahh sun goes down!  Concert.  My lovely future husband!!  :o)  Soo cute, want to touch the hiney.  Seriously guys, it was sooo hot.  And brilliant us, didn't take a pop up tent for shade (lesson learned).  We got back to the hotel around 1 I think and by the time we all made a mud slide showered it was after two. 

Enter Saturday.  Up and getting ready to go tailgate again.  Forecast is cooler and rainy.  PERFECT!!  WI and PW went to get a pop up tent (not that we used it) and we headed back to PdC.  Then it rained.  So we sat in the truck and drank.  And then we went to the concert and danced (as much as we could, as we were still quite sore).  We got pretty stinkin' close to GFA, until an old crabby lady decided to get the cops involved because apparently there is to be no dancing/crowding/moving at concerts... riiiight.  Luckily this happened on the second to last song.  Then we go back to our chairs to continue dancing/singing.  We left and got to the hotel a bit earlier than the previous night, but still, not real early.  Plus we had to tell each other good night.

Enter Sunday.  DJ shot me down last weekend when I asked to go play in the river on the Terex.  (Due to drought conditions, it's more like a path with puddles.)  Instead, deciding to go this weekend and the group was leaving by noon so if I wanted to go I had to be home by there.  So we were up by 645 and on the road by 7-- not shabby for 3 chickas.  We stopped for breakfast and then I dumped off JT and LR and fueled up the VW and headed home.  Only to find out they had postponed the ride.  Yesss-- nap time!!  Just kidding.  I don't remember what happened to disturb me, but I know a nap didn't happen.  Oh!!  I had to go get booze.  So I took the dogs for a drive.  Well first I had to empty the cooler from the road trip.  So I get to the gas station and fill the cooler.  I get home and go to text DJ I was ready.  Hmm... where'd my phone go?  So I get on my iPhone (not activated) and send PW a message to call my cell.  Not in my car.  Not in the house.  Hmm... oh yes, I set it on the hood of my car when I emptied the cooler.  Great.  Load the dogs back up and start driving.  Good news:  I found it in front of AL's house!  Still works :)  So by the time I get home from that and laid on the couch, in strolls DJ ready to roll.  Off we went.  After stopping by the neighbors and getting stuck and touring, we get back home and grill, only to have the neighbors bring their dog over for a play date.  So we ate and went to bed, later than I normally do on the weekdays!! 

Needless to say, Monday morning was rough.  But I made it!!  Stay tuned for my awesome story from Tues!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Going to Church--Twice

Awww... a few years back I fell in love.  (Yes, this was indeed before I had met DJ...)  It was a summer night in August 2007.  Girls night out.  A few of my best friends and I went to the state fair.  A few hours later I called my cousin exclaiming I was in love.  Ahh yes, the night I met Eric Church.  The night he signed my boot.  And the night he told me I have pixie feet.  Yes folks, if that isn't true love, I don't know what is.  He is such a romantic. 

Fast forward (practically) five years... I saw him again.  Okay, so I've seen him many many times between then and now, but I didn't have a blog then.  And the best part??  I'm seeing him again next weekend.  That's right-- love.  There are few men in this world I would travel hours for and spend my vacation time on, but he in fact, is one of them.  Maybe this time I can have him sign another boot?  Or maybe we'll just run off together to never be seen again... awww... the possibilites.

If ya don't hear from me by next week, you can assume we are on our honeymoon. :o)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Corn Corn Corn!!

Whoa... where has the time gone!?  It's been awhile since I've posted.  I can't think of too much going on though... lame, I know. 

This past Saturday we decided to freeze corn.  Talk about a busy day!  We started shucking before 9am (we had to wait for the corn to get picked before we could go pick it up-- yeah, DJ farms but I guess they can't figure out how to grow sweet corn-- we'll blame the drought next year.  I expect better results next year from them!!).  We started out at his parents' house and did over 20 dozen-- I can't count that high.  We did over 40 bags there.  Once my sister got up here with the corn she had picked up, we went to our place and started shucking her stuff there.  We had over 15 baker's dozen and then DJ brought the extra from his parents for us to use.  We got over 60 bags, again, we lost count.  I know there was 54 bags in the box and we had to write on more than what I had ready for us. 

It all went really smooth.  I got to see how most people freeze corn (cooking the corn while on the cob) at his parents' and then we did it the better way (my great grandma's way) at our place.  I'll admit, their way was much quicker, but we'll see which one tastes better!! ;o)  Once they got all cleaned up at their place, his parents came down and helped us-- talk about saving time!!  We were all done 3pm.  (Note: the drinking had started much earlier)  No one lost a finger this year-- always a plus!!  We then decided we were going to have a grill out.  Everyone that helped with corn came back as well as my parents and a couple more friends.  Once everyone had left, I was ready for bed, but DJ informed me otherwise!!  I finally got to meet one of his good friends from way back when.  Despite being exhausted, it was a really great time!!

Sunday morning DJ made me biscuits and gravy (yeah-- ya know the saying about teaching a kid to fish instead of catching one for him-- yeah, totally true!!)  and my grandpa called saying they were going to a wedding anniversary party and would be going by and wanted to know if we would be interested in lunch.  (yeah, he knows how much I love food...)  After a quick cleaning spree through the house (they hadn't seen it yet, so a tour was a given) they showed up and took their tour.  I took Gpa up to see my pony quick and then we went to eat.  Once we got back home it was a pretty lazy day, as it was too hot to be outside!!  We made some cheesy potatoes with some ham thrown in for supper and I actually convinced DJ to play a card game before he went to bed!  I'd say I'm winning!! :o) 

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend themselves!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 3rd and 4th (and 5th, 6th, 7th...!)

Wheeww!  What a busy but fun and exciting few days!!  I took off work a little early on the 3rd and headed back home for the big street dance.  Dad took me for a ride in his new old car and when we got back, JT was there with Mom.  They decided they wanted to make some Shaken Babies, so they sucked down a gallon of that while I worked on my BloomerDroppers.  I had to take Dad up to the dance, and when I came back the other two were working on making their second gallon!  Shortly after, LR calls and she's in town so I go pick her up.  We get back to the house and decided to make a gin bucket.  We waited on my old roommate to come and once he got there we loaded up and walked to the dance.  A few hours and drinks and many friends later, we were walking back, this time with Dad in tow instead of LR! 

The next morning, Dad and I made breakfast with the help of everyone but JT (she was still passed out...)  Once we woke her up, we were able to eat.  After that I showered so that Mom could cut my hair.  JT and I both donated over 8 inches to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program (ok, so they're still sitting on my table waiting to be mailed... but that's where they're going!)  Mom and Dad got invited to the lake by one of my aunts so they left and JT and I came back to the SHITMON (Small House In The Middle Of Nowhere).

DJ had to work the next morning so he went to bed.  JT set up a date with some guy she met online so she had plans to watch fireworks with him.  I planned on watching them from our front deck, but before it was dark out I could barely keep my eyes open and since I had to work the next day, I made my way to the bed and was out cold! 

Thursday I went to work and JT met me for lunch to give me all the updates about her hot date.  After work we went to my cousin's place and loaded up an old loveseat to bring back for the dogs.  We stopped to see a friend at a restaurant.  It was a great time and I didn't make it home until late! 

Friday I took off work a little early so I could go to an old softball teammate's wedding.  What a blast!  JT met me at my place and once I finished getting cleaned up we headed out.  We (naturally) had to stop at the bar beforehand for a cocktail (or 2 7).  The wedding was gorgeous and the pastor kept things short since it was so hot out.  We went to the reception for supper and a little dancing before calling it a night.

Saturday I got up bright and early to meet my parents so we could go into town for the farmers market for my sister's 30th birthday.  So.  Hot!  I have become a pansy anymore with working inside all day!  Once we left there my sisters had a couple errands to run so we went shopping for a bit before meeting back up with the whole family and JT for lunch for my sister's 30th birthday!  :o)  She ended up coming back home with me and my BIL picked her up on the way home from work.  I didn't feel the greatest so again, it was off to bed before the sun was down! 

Sunday DJ's mom and I went riding at the local state park.  It was a great morning for it and I couldn't believe we were the only ones out there with ponies!  (okay, there was one other lady we met on the trails)  We got back from that and I went home and cleaned up a bit while DJ finished spraying the last of the soybeans.  He got home and wanted to go look at some field he sprayed earlier in the week so we loaded up and went on a little crop tour.  We timed it pretty well and on the way home we were right on time for the BBQ at his parents' house.  We had a great meal and everyone was wondering what was wrong with me because I wasn't the last one eating for a change-- but I got dessert this time!  MMM  it was some good cherry pie!!  DJ got home and went to bed and I put together my buys from the day before, before calling it a night myself. 

I can't lie, it was a great week/weekend and I got caught up on some much needed sleep!  I'm still working on getting pictures of the shelf and other stuff, but hopefully that will be the next post!

Take Care!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Class Reunion

DJ had his 10 year class reunion this past weekend.  We met up with two other couples beforehand and grilled ribeye steak sandwiches (yummmmmmmmy).  We went to the park and of the 90-100 (I can't remember the exact number) of kids he graduated with, I think there was around 20.  Not bad!  I don't feel too bad about only having 13 of the kids in my class of 40 show up to my 5 year one!!  It was a pretty relaxed ordeal.  Just catching up with people he hadn't seen in awhile and I met a bunch of new people.  We slipped by the bar on the way home to see a few of them who had stopped there and then headed home. 

Sunday I got to work on the corner shelf that I am making from an old door out of the rental (pictures to come soon!)  I'm hoping to get it done by Saturday for the big baby shower!  : ) 

Our front doors finally got painted!  They're not re-hung yet, but I'm excited to see them up.  They should look a little better than the "random tan that didn't match anything" color that they were!  Hope you had a great weekend and be careful in the heat this week!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

About Us

First off, we're not married.  I am stealing his last name in hopes that some day (probably far far far down the avenue) he will decide to share it with me! 
He's a farmer and a trucker.  I'm a research worker in the agronomy world.  Hot. Dog.  Don't we sound exciting?!  :)  We have two dogs, BT and UC. 
I adopted BT after he was found roaming the streets.  He lived with my roommate and me in our small apartment until we slowly took over the rental last year!  He now spends most of the day chasing bugs, birds, and the occasional rabbit, as well as barking at anything or nothing... however you want to look at it! 
We adopted UC this past March.  A friend mentioned he had him and according to DJ, I "got all giddy" and apparently he can't say no to a giddy TK!!  So on a Sunday afternoon UC was added to the family.  After going on a diet, he now spends his days following BT around and eating sticks. 
We also had A and B, mice that lived in our mailbox (I'm sure the mailman grew fond of them).  They had babies last week and DJ said no more and kicked them out.  Sad.  So far they haven't been back, but I have a feeling once they let DJ lose a little steam, they'll be back!! 
So that is who we are!  If you have anymore questions, please let me know!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I've had this blog for some time now and just never had the time to start writing, nor anything exciting to write about.  Well, the latter has not changed, but I figured I had a few minutes of my lunch break to kill so I might as well start typing!  This blog is a way for me to communicate with family and friends I don't get to see much of and keep them up to date with my life.  I imagine it will be mostly ramblings with maybe a funny story (most likely at my expense) thrown in there every now and again!  Welcome and I hope you enjoy!