Monday, July 30, 2012

Going to Church--Twice

Awww... a few years back I fell in love.  (Yes, this was indeed before I had met DJ...)  It was a summer night in August 2007.  Girls night out.  A few of my best friends and I went to the state fair.  A few hours later I called my cousin exclaiming I was in love.  Ahh yes, the night I met Eric Church.  The night he signed my boot.  And the night he told me I have pixie feet.  Yes folks, if that isn't true love, I don't know what is.  He is such a romantic. 

Fast forward (practically) five years... I saw him again.  Okay, so I've seen him many many times between then and now, but I didn't have a blog then.  And the best part??  I'm seeing him again next weekend.  That's right-- love.  There are few men in this world I would travel hours for and spend my vacation time on, but he in fact, is one of them.  Maybe this time I can have him sign another boot?  Or maybe we'll just run off together to never be seen again... awww... the possibilites.

If ya don't hear from me by next week, you can assume we are on our honeymoon. :o)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Corn Corn Corn!!

Whoa... where has the time gone!?  It's been awhile since I've posted.  I can't think of too much going on though... lame, I know. 

This past Saturday we decided to freeze corn.  Talk about a busy day!  We started shucking before 9am (we had to wait for the corn to get picked before we could go pick it up-- yeah, DJ farms but I guess they can't figure out how to grow sweet corn-- we'll blame the drought next year.  I expect better results next year from them!!).  We started out at his parents' house and did over 20 dozen-- I can't count that high.  We did over 40 bags there.  Once my sister got up here with the corn she had picked up, we went to our place and started shucking her stuff there.  We had over 15 baker's dozen and then DJ brought the extra from his parents for us to use.  We got over 60 bags, again, we lost count.  I know there was 54 bags in the box and we had to write on more than what I had ready for us. 

It all went really smooth.  I got to see how most people freeze corn (cooking the corn while on the cob) at his parents' and then we did it the better way (my great grandma's way) at our place.  I'll admit, their way was much quicker, but we'll see which one tastes better!! ;o)  Once they got all cleaned up at their place, his parents came down and helped us-- talk about saving time!!  We were all done 3pm.  (Note: the drinking had started much earlier)  No one lost a finger this year-- always a plus!!  We then decided we were going to have a grill out.  Everyone that helped with corn came back as well as my parents and a couple more friends.  Once everyone had left, I was ready for bed, but DJ informed me otherwise!!  I finally got to meet one of his good friends from way back when.  Despite being exhausted, it was a really great time!!

Sunday morning DJ made me biscuits and gravy (yeah-- ya know the saying about teaching a kid to fish instead of catching one for him-- yeah, totally true!!)  and my grandpa called saying they were going to a wedding anniversary party and would be going by and wanted to know if we would be interested in lunch.  (yeah, he knows how much I love food...)  After a quick cleaning spree through the house (they hadn't seen it yet, so a tour was a given) they showed up and took their tour.  I took Gpa up to see my pony quick and then we went to eat.  Once we got back home it was a pretty lazy day, as it was too hot to be outside!!  We made some cheesy potatoes with some ham thrown in for supper and I actually convinced DJ to play a card game before he went to bed!  I'd say I'm winning!! :o) 

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend themselves!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 3rd and 4th (and 5th, 6th, 7th...!)

Wheeww!  What a busy but fun and exciting few days!!  I took off work a little early on the 3rd and headed back home for the big street dance.  Dad took me for a ride in his new old car and when we got back, JT was there with Mom.  They decided they wanted to make some Shaken Babies, so they sucked down a gallon of that while I worked on my BloomerDroppers.  I had to take Dad up to the dance, and when I came back the other two were working on making their second gallon!  Shortly after, LR calls and she's in town so I go pick her up.  We get back to the house and decided to make a gin bucket.  We waited on my old roommate to come and once he got there we loaded up and walked to the dance.  A few hours and drinks and many friends later, we were walking back, this time with Dad in tow instead of LR! 

The next morning, Dad and I made breakfast with the help of everyone but JT (she was still passed out...)  Once we woke her up, we were able to eat.  After that I showered so that Mom could cut my hair.  JT and I both donated over 8 inches to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program (ok, so they're still sitting on my table waiting to be mailed... but that's where they're going!)  Mom and Dad got invited to the lake by one of my aunts so they left and JT and I came back to the SHITMON (Small House In The Middle Of Nowhere).

DJ had to work the next morning so he went to bed.  JT set up a date with some guy she met online so she had plans to watch fireworks with him.  I planned on watching them from our front deck, but before it was dark out I could barely keep my eyes open and since I had to work the next day, I made my way to the bed and was out cold! 

Thursday I went to work and JT met me for lunch to give me all the updates about her hot date.  After work we went to my cousin's place and loaded up an old loveseat to bring back for the dogs.  We stopped to see a friend at a restaurant.  It was a great time and I didn't make it home until late! 

Friday I took off work a little early so I could go to an old softball teammate's wedding.  What a blast!  JT met me at my place and once I finished getting cleaned up we headed out.  We (naturally) had to stop at the bar beforehand for a cocktail (or 2 7).  The wedding was gorgeous and the pastor kept things short since it was so hot out.  We went to the reception for supper and a little dancing before calling it a night.

Saturday I got up bright and early to meet my parents so we could go into town for the farmers market for my sister's 30th birthday.  So.  Hot!  I have become a pansy anymore with working inside all day!  Once we left there my sisters had a couple errands to run so we went shopping for a bit before meeting back up with the whole family and JT for lunch for my sister's 30th birthday!  :o)  She ended up coming back home with me and my BIL picked her up on the way home from work.  I didn't feel the greatest so again, it was off to bed before the sun was down! 

Sunday DJ's mom and I went riding at the local state park.  It was a great morning for it and I couldn't believe we were the only ones out there with ponies!  (okay, there was one other lady we met on the trails)  We got back from that and I went home and cleaned up a bit while DJ finished spraying the last of the soybeans.  He got home and wanted to go look at some field he sprayed earlier in the week so we loaded up and went on a little crop tour.  We timed it pretty well and on the way home we were right on time for the BBQ at his parents' house.  We had a great meal and everyone was wondering what was wrong with me because I wasn't the last one eating for a change-- but I got dessert this time!  MMM  it was some good cherry pie!!  DJ got home and went to bed and I put together my buys from the day before, before calling it a night myself. 

I can't lie, it was a great week/weekend and I got caught up on some much needed sleep!  I'm still working on getting pictures of the shelf and other stuff, but hopefully that will be the next post!

Take Care!