Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the Middle of It All...

As I've told you, we had some crazy weather last week.  Or a couple weeks ago.  I don't really recall when.  We lost some siding and some limbs, nothing too big that I couldn't drag up out of the rode by myself.  And to the two trucks full of guys driving by looking at damage, watching me drag limbs to the pile and not offering to help: thank you very much.  I really appreciate the thoughtfulness.  Enter mean names here.

One of the big storage sheds had part of its roof torn off, but nothing like losing a whole barn/shed like our neighbors did.  I thanked God that night for sparing us from too much damage, as DJ wasn't home (and didn't realize anything was going on...thinking I was crazy for going to the basement when the house started to whistle...). 

The next night I went up the road to our neighbors and this is what I saw:

God's Promise
  A big rainbow! It reminded me that he has a plan and is watching over me.  (Seriously, whats with the underlining?!  Does it show up for you?!) 

Later that evening we stood in awe as this went by.  He spared us from getting any bad weather from that one, which I was extremely thankful for!!

The more it moved the more layers it seemed to have!  We watched it until it got too dark to see the clouds and we went in.  We keep getting rain, but I'm not going to complain, as it could be raining and I could have nowhere dry to go! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Garden Tour Two Point Oh!

Long time no see!  I've been busy.  You'll see!!

Hope you're ready to tour more of my yard!! :)

A couple weeks ago, before the boys started planting, the neighbor and I went and picked up some rocks out of the fields.  Here's what we came up with:

DJ wasn't impressed with our pil
We thought we did pretty good (I have no idea why this is typing underlined, but it won't stop so I'm going with it so MS will get off my back about posting).  We took three trips, each one getting smaller rocks!  We got a couple big ones  (not including the big one on the right of the picture).  We planned on getting more, but now all the crops are in the ground so we might have to wait on that.

DJ was not impressed with our little baby rocks, but I used them last night!  I used them as a border for my poppy bed!  Hopefully they come up and the dogs don't decide this is their new hang out...

In other exciting garden news, I bought a bunch of gladiola bulbs earlier this spring.  Sixteen to be exact.  I didn't know what I was going to do with them so I went ahead and just put them in cheap little pots to get them going.  One day, DJ was gone and he asked what I was going to put around the propane tank.  I said I didn't know, but that maybe I'd do my glads there.  So out I went with my little spade and started digging.  I decided that was way too much work.  So then I thought... and this is what I came up with:

Tractor tire rim
I remembered seeing a rim in the trees when I was mowing.  I told myself if I could get it out of there, it was mine!  And so I got it out.  My next problem was figuring out where to put it that I wouldn't get in too much trouble by DJ for killing grass. So I put it where there is no grass.  Which also happens to be where he is planning on pouring concrete, because we can't grow grass there...  I filled it up with my glads then put two lupines in the middle and sprinkled some poppy seeds in there.  And then the storm came: 

Hail + Wind = My Sad Little Rim

This was the aftermath.  I'm hoping they'll still be alright.  I'm telling myself they will be anyway...
Cigar Flowers
This was a project that I started long ago.  My original plan was to put succulents in this jar.  Turns out its more difficult to get my hand and a plant and dirt in there than I expected.  And then I found my cigar flowers again so I stuck them in instead!  I love it.  it's just so cute.  Speaking of cute, look at the little puppies in the top of that picture.  Too cute!

DJ and I both love bleeding hearts.  I found a really cool one back home at the greenhouse.  It's got bright green leaves, it's on the left of the wheel.  If you look really closely, you can see the plain jane one on the right too. 

Bleeding Hearts
Of course I put those in before the big storm and they didn't fair so well.  I didn't take a picture, not that you would be able to see anything.  Maybe a dirt spot where they were...  At least they don't really bleed... that could have been messy.
My garden got beat up pretty good too, as well as our trees.  And siding.  But no buildings and no lives were lost so I'm not complaining!  God is good!
There will be more garden pictures coming soon!  :) 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Movin on UP!

I did it.

I finally gave in.

I joined everyone else my age.

I upgraded to an iPhone.

Don't think I'm moving too fast though, it's an iPhone 4 and is probably one of the older of those!  It already has a crack in it (stupid Otter Box lied!).  I've had it for quite awhile now.  I lived in the rental when I got it and have been using it as an iPod since my old school, student loan bought original iPod gave up.  I shouldnt say it gave up.  The battery is just messed up.  I bought a new one but that didn't help.  I can still use it if it's plugged in, but who knows where that charger is!  Apple thought it was necessary to change the plug ins too, even though they look the same and it fits in the iPhone charger won't work.  Lame.

So far I can say I have been less than impressed.  Luckily I didn't spend much money on this thing!  It doesn't get service.  Anywhere!!  It says no signal or whatever in most of my work building, otherwise it's just flat lines.  I can barely get a text out to someone!  My old phone, I could talk on it from anywhere in there!!  Next, I had an appointment and they wanted to change the times, but since I didn't have service at work, it didn't ring.  You'd think so what, leave a message.  Well it tells them my voicemail is full.  Uhh what!?  Stupid.  It wasn't full when I had my old phone, it's not full now!!  And  my third and final dislike, it doesn't ring!  The neighbor and I were picking up rocks out of the fields and I called DJ (also an iPhone user; he's fancy though-- 4s)  and he didn't answer.  I called at least 5 times and he didn't answer.  He finally called me back, only to inform me that he had one missed call and had actually tried calling me back 3 times.  Handy iPhone.  Real handy.  Luckily I was only picking up rocks and not stuck under one and needed rescued!! 

The one good thing about it, Facetime.  I can now Facetime with MS.  Speaking of which... I'm considering changing her name on here...  I'll leave that for another day.