Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goin' Places

I don't have a fancy car.  Most people would probably consider my car nice.  Others wouldn't even consider making it their own.  I, however, LOVE it!!  I got it while I was going to college.  I had a good paying summer job so I convinced Pa I needed something bigger.  (I can't remember if I had JDB or if I got her right after, but let me tell you, she took up a lot of car space!) I drove the Mountaineer for quite awhile and decided that I didn't need something that could hold eight people and allow them to watch DVDs, and cost a lot to fill up... I apparently thought I was a soccer mom.  I went back to my old car.  I drove it around from place to place and only got stranded a couple multiple times!  The ol' gal just got tired sometimes!

I started looking, but couldn't find anything I liked.  The only two things it had to have were leather seats and a sunroof.  I wanted it to be white, silver, black, gray, or red.  And of course be in my price range.  And then I found one.  It was a dark gray VW Jetta.  We got in touch with my cousin at the dealership and he said he'd have a guy look at it and if it was good to go he would keep it for us.

And then it sold.

And so I looked more.  With no luck.  And then I found it!!  It was only on the clear opposite side of one of the largest states in the country, but no biggie.  He sent his guy after it and it was mine.  Sight unseen.  Oh boy.  What was I getting myself into!!

A silver VW Jetta.  Diesel.  Sunroof.  Leather.  Perfect.

And we flew to Texas to bring it home.  We picked it up and headed home, only to run into a blizzard half way back.  Lucky for me, it was Pa's half of the drive!!

We made it home with only having to stop once for fuel and then again to put some anti-gelling agent in.  She was in shock.  Going from warm, sunny southern Texas to our state that could be 60 one day and a blizzard the next!

I still have her.  I still love her.  I hardly drive her.  I drive the dogs' car to work to keep miles off of her.  I plan on keeping her around forever.  My grandkids will drive her if I have my way!

She's our road tripping car.  She's been to Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some!!

Even though she sits in the garage most of the time, I'm thankful I have her and the Exploder for the dogs.  Some people don't have one vehicle and I have two.  I'm a lucky gal.

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