Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Forgot to Mention...

I think I left off a couple weeks ago with my weekend plans.

I left out one thing.  I was afraid Char would read the blog and bail on road tripping with me. (Turns out she didn't read it until after the weekend.)

Earlier that week I asked her if she wanted to road trip and she asked where to, so I told her.  She said sure.  Perfect.  Then she started getting nosey and wondering why we were going.  I told her for a Craigslist buy (truth).  She let it be.  Later, she asked what I bought.  I said nothing yet (truth at the time).  Then a day or two before, she asks if we're getting something alive.  How did she know?!  Who told her!?  I don't remember what I told her, but I didn't tell her it was alive.  She then started referring to it as a creature.  I laughed.  I think I told her it was a surprise or something.  She told me she thought maybe I was messing with her and it was actually furniture or something.  And then she got in the car, where she noticed the dog kennel.  The majority of the ride was her trying to figure out what kind of creature we were getting and how many.  I told her she could be in charge of naming the creature, which I'm pretty sure I had her convinced it was a fire-breathing dragon.

We finally got to "the outskirts of hell" as she called it.  It was perfect.  They had all sorts of creatures everywhere, so she still wasn't sure what I got her into.  Then they split us up and she was certain they were killing us.

We got out alive and I am now excited to introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Francis Peabody!
Francis and Floyd, the Peabody's

We drove the whole way home with the windows down because they stunk.  Turns out it probably wasn't so much them as it was their poop that was all over my back seat...

Needless to say, Char's going to be a little bit more inquisitive before she says yes to another road trip.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend Plans

Chuck survived her trip overseas.  She's coming to visit and I can't hardly wait to hear about everything!  We were able to chat via video calls a couple times while she was over there, but the connection wasn't always the best.  Plus, she has a gift for me.  Well, hopefully she brings it with her when she comes...

I'm also making my first greenhouse(s) trip this weekend.  That's always a fun time.  DJ always loves coming home to a porch full of new flowers!! ;)

Peter might come to play with horses Sunday, but that's kind of in the air still.
The weather should be perfect for that!

I might get a puppy play date at some point too.  That will probably give me puppy fever.  Gimme all the puppies!!! {insert heart eyes}

DJ is farming about 16 hours a day, so maybe I'll be able squeeze in a little time to go ride with him.

My weekend is going to start by fixing the barn door the three stooges managed to break.  Or at least making an attempt before I give up and go buy a new one.  Work hard, play harder, right?

Friday, April 1, 2016

Things I've Learned This Year

It's only a quarter of the way gone and I've already learned a thing or two this year.  No, how to apply makeup is not on this list...

1. A tube of Chapstick will go down the toilet no problem.  (And so far no problems have arose from this...)

2.  Just because a hayrack will hold hundreds of hay bales, as well as your husband and brother-in-law who threw the bales on there, doesn't mean it's going to hold you as you take the bales off.

3.  Lost kitties can be found.

4.  You shouldn't pan fry chicken while wearing short sleeves.