30.  Like BWW's says, I'm proof something good came from the 80's!  Sister.  Baby sister to three amazing siblings.  Daughter.  Baby girl to my Ma and Pa.  Farmer's Wife.  DJ's "hired" hand, co-worker, and boss all in one!  Dog Mom.  Mama to my two spoiled boys.  Midwest Country Gal.  Small town born and raised living the country dream.  ISU Grad.  Go State!  Self-taught Quilter.  They look pretty good from across the room.  Junk Collector.  It's just so neat and has so many stories!  Horse Rider.  And faller... Suzy Home-Crasher.  I make Martha and Betty shake their heads... I do try though!! Pretend Gardener.  Mainly weeds, but someday I'll get it figured out.

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