Thursday, December 18, 2014

DJ Locked the Dog Up...

Which resulted in him escaping.  And eating my razor.  The dog, not DJ.

No shave December anyone??

Friday, December 12, 2014


The photographer has been met with.

The caterer has been met with.

I should probably actually read my notes and see what I was supposed to follow up on...

Chuckles still doesn't have a dress.  We're letting future us worry about that.

There was talk about loading a semi trailer full of wedding stuff.  Umm... what?!  Is this a wedding or a circus?!  Both.  Should've know.

Chuck may or may not be coming tonight to drink work on arts and crafts.

Lil' Poo Dog's coming Sunday to finish some bouquets.

Sammi's coming down Monday for arts and crafts time.

We go back to the consistory Tuesday to iron some stuff out.

And most excitedly: I have less than five full days of work until the big day!!  Excited face!!

This whole thing just might come together yet!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Makin' It Happen

We're down to twenty-two days.  Crazy!?  I met with the photographer yesterday, taking my ring in today, and getting our marriage certificate tomorrow sometime.
Chuck's got a couple dresses picked out and we're deciding which one she'll wear Thursday, which reminds me, I need to take Sammi's in to get cleaned...

Less than nine days of work stand between me being a Miss and Mrs!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Well Hello...

I survived Thanksgiving!!  And Black Friday!!

Char came up Wednesday and woke me from my cat nap.  We ate lunch and then got straight to work on wedding stuff sat on the couch and were really productive... So much for planning ahead!!  We decided to let future us worry about that wedding.  That is coming up.  THIS MONTH!!  WOOT WOOT!!  It's amazing how fast yet how slow this year has gone!!

We ended up at the neighbors eating pizza Wednesday night and headed back to the SHITMON to prepare for the big day.

Since Ma's dining room table is covered in wedding stuff, we held my family Thanksgiving at the SHITMON.  We got up that morning and cleaned (aka Char kicked the dogs and me out of the house) and then started making goodies.  The family started showing up a little before noon.  DJ's parents joined us and some wedding details were hashed out and a bottle or five of wine was drank.   Once the family left, we headed back to the neighbors where more wine may or may not have been consumed...

We came back and Char and I decided to get up at three in the morning to go shopping.  That quickly got pushed back until seven, which turned into 8:30.  Neither of us had anything we were dying to get so it worked out well.  With the exception of Kohl's, nothing was busy and we didn't wait in lines.

I'm off to see the one man who's ever told me I had pixie feet (yep-- that's love if I do say so myself) this weekend and then it's back to the wedding grind.

The next few weeks are full of finishing wedding details with a little big of work thrown in there too.  I can't wait to see everyone!!!  :)  Hopefully I'll be a little better of a blogger, but don't count on it!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Desperate Times

I've learned that even though I'm not real far from where I grew up, farming practices are more different than one would expect!  Back home there's more hills.  The "hills" here make the hills back home look like mountains.  The lack of hills allows the equipment here to be bigger.  There aren't many terraces around here and almost everyone does some sort of tillage.

The guys have some awesome help around the farm, but sometimes when the perfect day for hunting arises they are short a guy.  

Enter me. 

I rode with DJ to get some parts last Saturday morning and he was trying to figure out how everything was going to get done that day when he had the bright idea that I should rip.  I told him he would have to teach me and he couldn't get mad because I'm a slow learner.  

And then he taught me.  And then he left me.  Alone.  I only had to call him once a few times.  Surprisingly, everyone/everything survived.  I'm sure they were up on the hill laughing at me (turning is hard), but I didn't hear anyone complain for free help!!  Now I can't say I only drive the green tractor (aka lawnmower)...  

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.
Ripping the corn field

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wedding Planning Extended

Leo Roy came down last night to try on some dresses that my family has collected over the years to see if any would work for her to wear for DJ's and my wedding.  Surprisingly, they all fit.  Who knew someone so tall and skinny could fit into the same dresses us not-so-tall nor skinny Morrisons fit in!!  Neither of us cared which one she wore, but luckily we sent pictures to Chuckles and she decided for us.  Check that off the to-do list!!  :) 

We also scratched off a lot of lotto tickets.  I think we won $5.  Not bad...

She also had a bag of stuff for me!  It was totally like Christmas!!  It contained parts of my bachelorette party gift and then this little homemade box of love. 

I opened it up and it was a piece of paper and the first thing I read was "Something Old" with a checkmark.  This instantly scared me.  I thought she had kept some embarrassing item from when we were little, maybe some goop, and had kept it all these years for me.  I kept reading though and my day was then made!!  Check it out at CropDoc's Blog!!

I should probably start dieting and practicing arts and craft time now...

Monday, November 10, 2014


I haven't seen DJ much since they've  been in the field (and it finally stopped raining-- I just jinxed that...) so he called today last Saturday and asked if I wanted to ride with him.

I rode with him earlier in the week to take a couple loads of corn to the co-op and then helped move vehicles to the next field.

This time, I just rode with him.  I imagine it can get lonely in there all by yourself, so when he asked I jumped at the opportunity.
The view when combining corn
Loading the wagon
Loading the semi
I didn't ride with him long, but we finished that piece before I took off.  It was way past dark before the guys quit for the day, but they had a productive day.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Grunge to Glam

I've had quite a few people ask how formal our reception is going to be-- it's not.

Wanna wear jeans?  Okay!

Wanna wear dress pants?  You bet!

Wanna wear your prom dress?  Do it!

We aren't exactly the most formal of folk, so we totally understand wanting to wear jeans.  I also know a few crazies friends who like to get dolled up for the new year.

Wear what you want-- I assure you that you won't be the only one like that!! :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Day

Another week has come and gone and I'm still catching up!

Last weekend was another busy one.  Char and Peter have been putting together a bridal shower/bachelorette party for me and last weekend we they made it happen.

Since I didn't register for a ton of things at Bed Bath and Beyond, we had a mixture between a regular shower and a Pampered Chef shower.  I got some awesome stuff from both places and am now trying to figure out where to put things in cupboards-- always a good time!!  We had enough food to feed an army and we played a game where the guests got to know me (and DJ) a little better-- I haven't decided if this was good or bad yet!  Some of them were surprised to hear I have a blog-- welcome!!  (Apparently they didn't read their save the dates!!!) 

After the shower we headed to El Rodeo for some lunch margaritas.  A pitcher later, we had a photo op and I'm not sure I want to see those!! 

We headed to the nail salon where our toes were made presentable.  Did you know they do fake nails for toes??  Yeah, me neither.  Don't ask-- it's a disturbing story and I won't post pictures since you may be eating right now...

The original plans were to head to a restuarant and eat, but for the first time in our lives, all three of us Morrison girls weren't hungry.  The rest of the clan welcomed the idea of a break from food, so we headed back to the SHITMON and hung out and finished off a bottle of booze the pickle wraps.

Once most of the girls left, DJ called and needed a ride from the shop to the field.  Duty calls so we loaded up and went after him... new red cow and all.

We picked him up, dropped him off, and picked up pizza.  We downed the pizza and called it a night shortly after that. 

The weather was perfect and the company even better-- thanks to everyone who made the trip to help celebrate!!  See you all NYE!! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Home Sweet Home

This weekend was a busy one. 

Gma and Gpa are getting ready to head back to Arizona so Uncle Toad came out to drive them.  I decided (last minute of course) to put together a little get together back home to see them all before they left.  Once DJ got off work, we headed back.  After waiting for Ma and Pa to arrive, I decided to invite my old roommate as well.  We all ate and had a drink laugh or two.  I decided to meet up with some old classmates after that.  Saturday morning came early!

DJ got up and made breakfast and his dad and uncle came over to eat.  They went out to work on the barn door while I ran into work before Peter and Wisconsin got there.  I stopped in to see how things were going and was sent on a parts run.  As I was walking to the car, Chuckles comes screamin in.  She took me on the parts run and as soon as we got back, in pulled the horse trailer. 

We got the horses unloaded and in the pasture. 

Then it was off to work.  We had to finish building fence!  We got our supply list and we girls headed to the store.

FYI:  Bomgaars does NOT return items you purchased at True Value.  Weird.  I know.

We made a couple other stops and then had BWW's for lunch before returning home to put the fence up.  We managed to get it up and the horses haven't got through it yet, so we consider that a win!

We went on a little ride before calling it a night. 

Sunday was spent recuperating!   

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kansas. Take II

This past weekend I went back to Kansas.  I didn't make the trip solo this time.  I headed back home and then Pa and I took off for our annual race weekend.  He usually gives me a couple hours notice before we decide to go; this time he gave me a couple weeks.  Lucky for us, the couple that went with us booked our hotel for us so there were no bugs, bullet proof glass, or strangers sharing our room with us on this trip.  (Yes.  All of those things have previously happened to us on these weekends.)  This hotel was a little nicer than we were used to.
Our hotel.  And the back of Pa's head.
We got our bags into the room and then went down to the bar to meet before supper.  We had a drink and then headed off to find food.  We ate and watched some football before heading back to the hotel bar.  I recalled a time when we weren't able to buy alcohol before the race, so we made a trip to the liquor store that night and stocked up on some goodies.  We got back to the hotel to watch the Huskers lose (sorry Ma) and called it a night. 
We were up and out of the hotel on time and headed to the track.  We got parked and tailgated for a few hours before the race started.  We had really good seats in a different section than we had had in previous years. 
The cool flyover

I jinxed Gordon by going to the race (like every time I go...), but hopefully he'll still find a way to get his 5th Championship! 

Another good trip for the books :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend Travels

Last weekend I headed off to Kansas while DJ got ready for harvest. 

After what seemed like forever, I finally got out of construction and into a different state.  One or two turn arounds later, I was picking up supper at a sketchy pizza joint in small town Kansas.  (Note: the pizza itself was pretty good.)  I sped off towards the ranch and made it shortly after my little Radish's bedtime.  Which meant her mom and I stayed up all night catching up and reminiscing. 

Saturday we went for a walk in the city park.  I was able to practice up on my car seat and stroller strapping skills-- it's been a day or two since I've had to do that!  We headed back to the house for lunch and then it was nap time for Radish and then for her mom!  I took some flower girl dresses with me for her to try on so we had a little fashion show while her mom slept.  Pretty sure she might be the cutest thing ever! 

We made an attempt at Grandma's fried chicken and mashed tators and gravy for supper.  I was pretty impressed with our work.  It wasn't as good as Grandma's, but I think we're getting close.  We spent the rest of the night hanging out and telling tall tales of their wedding reception...

I spent the morning with them before loading up and heading back home. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Always a Few Days Behind

Apparently wedding invitations are supposed to be in the mail by the three month mark.  Ours aren't even printed yet...  Whoops.

Caterers should be booked way before that.  We're talking oh... eight months ago.  We don't have that done either.  We are however, looking for volunteers!!  Any takers!? ;)

Don't start fretting about not having an invitation in your mailbox just quite yet.  If you don't have one by November 1st, you might want to get a hold of me.  Or offer to come lick envelopes...

Monday, September 29, 2014


We headed out on Tuesday and stopped about dark.  We got up and finished the trek to Colorado.  Our first stop was the Budweiser Brewery in Fort Collins.  We got to see some Natty Lite packaged so DJ was pretty excited about that!  They were going so fast that it was hard to see them go by!

After our complimentary drinks, we left there and stopped to eat lunch since I'm the picky one and don't like pretzels.  We had some delicious food before the short jaunt to Estes.  

DJ and I got the bunk beds for the stay.  
That night we went and watched the elk-- I used the other camera to take pictures, so I guess I'll have to bring that in and upload some of those.
We ate some BBQ after that and called it a night.
Thursday we went over the hill and into Rocky Mountain National Park.  I believe we had a drink or two at the Wheel that night.

Friday, we girls went for a ride through RMNP.  We met up with the guys after and ended up just ordering pizza and sitting on the deck all night talking.  We had amazing weather while we were there!

Now to figure out where to go next year...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless part of Wednesday

I'm Alive!

What a hectic last couple weeks!! I took last week off from blogging because we were on vacation. Woot Woot!!

We went to Estes Park in Colorado. Once I have more than half of my lunch hour to update, I'll get a post together about that-- with pictures!

The weekend before we left, Sammi and I went to see GFA. I don't have any pictures of that. I probably would have got in trouble for taking them. Apparently we were in the "have zero fun" section so there was no standing, dancing, or bringing your arms above your shoulders... not my ideal concert experience. Gary was amazing, like always.

The week before that Pa spent a couple nights with us and had his plot day. You know what that means?? Leftovers!! I had prime rib, tator salad, and baked beans for many meals after that!! :)

This week has consisted of meeting with the photographer, taking Clyde to the vet, meeting Peter, and tonight we're taste testing a caterer.

I've updated the Wedding Page with the hotel information.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Monday, September 8, 2014


The week snuck by me and I can honestly say I don't remember why it was so busy!!

The barn is getting closer to complete-- woot woot!! We have the measuring wheel to figure out fencing supplies.  I'm hoping to get the fence in before harvest starts so that way when it's time for the hippos to move in, I won't need to pull DJ out of the field.  We  Mainly DJ, got the millings all spread out last week and then the guys formed for concrete.  If it ever decides to stop raining every other day, we might get that poured!  I think after that we'll just have the waterer to hook up.  The stall(s) probably won't be put in until spring.  They'll still be able to get into the lean to and if the weather gets too bad we will figure out a way to get them completely inside and away from the wind. 

DJ spent the weekend getting ready for harvest and I did 89 loads of laundry. 

Ma came up yesterday and we went to a couple bridal fairs.  They didn't take us too long to get through since we have a photographer and venue already.  We meet with a caterer for a tasting in a couple weeks.  Little Radish's flower girl dresses came in and I can't wait to get them to her to try on!!!  She's gonna be adorable!! 

I got a call after we left those that I had won.  I thought she said something about a pan.  I went to pick it up and turns out, I won a trash can.  Am I the only one who thinks that's odd!? 

Hope you have a great week!!  We're down to 16 weeks until the big day!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Ahh, a three day weekend in the books.  A much needed one!  :)

DJ had a couple come and polish up the semis and trailers.  We spent Friday evening at the shop watching them.  Saturday I ran around the city and picked up some odds and ends.  We went over to the neighbors and he helped split some wood while we girls supervised.  We had a get together for Zip's birthday and then called it a night.

Yesterday I went to Peter's to do chores and met up with Char and B$ for lunch.  I came back and did some work outside before the storm came through.

Today I was able to meet up with Ma & Pa and Char & B$ for lunch.  We had a few margaritas and many laughs before going our separate ways.  I quickly mowed the yard before calling it a day and coming inside to relax.

Here's to a quick work week!! :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Pete's out of town so I went over and did chores.
Hopefully these two will be at our place before too long! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Happenings

I was able to get off work early on Friday and went to the greenhouse with my neighbor.  After sweating more than a couple of football players at two-a-days, we headed to happy hour for some margaritas.  Once we cooled down we headed home and I got ready to head north to Jill's going away party.  She's headed to Florida (not for vacation, Ma) so she had a little get together and Juice and I were able to crash it!  After a few embarrassing memories and more embarrassing photos, Juice and I called it a night and headed home.

Saturday DJ got up and smoked some bacon.  I headed into work and then back home to get ready to meet Ma for wedding planning.  We went to the consistory to check it out and then the hotel to make sure everything is squared away there.  From there we went to check out the linen store and decided on tablecloths-- chalk up one major decision made!  Peter joined us for that and then we headed to talk to the caterer.  We have a tasting set up-- let's hope it's good because I'm not sure where else we'd go to try out!

I headed home and DJ had me get ready and we headed to a friend's place where the dogs and I unknowingly, crashed a bachelor party-- whoopsie!  We picked up a pizza and called it a night.

Yesterday I went to brunch for Zip's birthday and watched him open presents.  I had to head into work from there and then came home and worked on more wedding things-- this thing might come together yet!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Down to a Dozen

The kittens were all sorts of different sizes.  We had a couple with bad eyes that needed cleaning.  I got a tiger stripped one all cleaned up and was down to nursing only one.  (Sidenote:  Tea works wonders for cleaning kitten eyes.)  It was the smallest of them all and wasn't entirely psycho.  I kept it in a kennel so I could clean its eyes out until they weren't bad.  Once they were staying clean on their own, I left the kennel door open so it could run around with the others.

I got home from work one day and emptied the litter box and was walking through the yard on my way to get rid of it.  I happened upon the little kitty.  Dead.  I am now am on the lookout for the culprit...

The motif may have to do with jealousy...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pretending to be Domesticated

Despite the jungle of weeds, the things I actually planted in my garden actually grew!  
I decided I had enough to do a batch of salsa. DJ didn't like any of the recipes I tried last year so I tried a new one. 
It's not quite done yet, but from the sample I tried I'm pretty impressed with  myself. We'll see if DJ agrees or if Taco Night will disappear...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Toy

DJ got Clyde a new toy today. 

It might be his new favorite. Luckily I know where we can get another one!

Friday, August 8, 2014