Friday, November 22, 2013

As I Stuff My Face...


We had a makeover last night.  Just to celebrate my 100th post!  (Okay, maybe the truth sounds something more like, I finally found a tutorial I could follow and while I was doing that I discovered this would be the 100th...)  Aren't I talented!?  I was impressed with myself!  Pa actually took the picture of the windmill, so I must thank him, but the "editing" I totally did on my own!!  Impressive, right?!  But on to day 22 of me being thankful!  (where did this month go?!)

DJ once told me he liked me the way I was.  Not too skinny.  Although, I'm pretty sure he failed to mention I wasn't too fat...  But anywho, as I sit here and stuff my face with a healthy salad the largest salad I've ever seen in my life, I'm so thankful that he doesn't pressure me to stay skinny.  He once told me that OS was too skinny.  He didn't want me to get that skinny.  So I asked what about MS?  He said she was just about perfect.  (I guess that makes me the fat sister?!)  It's nice to know that I can participate in one of my favorite hobbies without having to worry about what he'll think if I put on a few more pounds.  I think we're a match made in Heaven!! 

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