Sunday, August 30, 2015


So it's been awhile eh!? 
Sorry bout that. 
Turns out I have a legit excuse this time. I think. 

Pongo has ulcers. In his eyes. They require eyedrops. Every three hours.  😴

The most common question I get about this is how I figured it out. It started out like this:
And quickly (as in overnight) progressed to this:
So I called my vet.  She came and dyed his eyes: 

And this  showed up:
That yellow green spot is the ulcer. 

I treated it every three hours with eyedrops and every six hours with serum that I pull off of: 
His blood. 

The vet came back a few days later and re-dyed his eyes and found another ulcer in his other eye. I keep treating in the same fashion, now in both eyes. 

And a couple days later I found this:
Another one. A big one. At this point I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. 

The vet comes back and we do the same thing. 

No more new ones. 
She gave me some more drops to add to the mix and she's coming back this week. He seems much more comfortable and I think they are starting to look better. But maybe that's just my lack of sleep talking!? 

Here's to hoping the end is near and vacation won't have to be cancelled!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sammi's Shit Show

We survived the bachelorette party!  Somehow.  I think only about half of the group made it to the end. Walter got us to the bar(s) and Earl drove us around on the golf cart.  Pictures and videos are probably not appropriate for most eyes and ears... whoops

Now for another one this week and then the final few weddings of the year for us.