Wednesday, December 21, 2016


My boss left work early Monday afternoon.  Shortly after, she sent a picture and then called, asking if I got the picture.  I said I had, but I hadn't looked at it.  She goes, "Well there's a horse in the middle of the road.  What do I do?"  uhh...  what!?  I asked her if there were any houses around that she could ask if it was theirs or if they knew who it belonged to.  We hung up and I looked at the picture.  It had a halter on it.  Surely it belonged to someone. She called back.  It was chasing her as she tried pulling away.  "It's really friendly.  What do I do!?"

I said I'd head that way and between the two of us we could surely throw it in the back of the Explorer.  I get there and this thing is much larger than the picture showed...

The guy who lived nearby had come out with a rope.  I called the sheriff while they caught him.  No one had reported a missing horse and they were going to .  Perfect.  Now what?  Have I mentioned it's probably 11F degrees out!?  The guy and I start calling people in the area.  No one knows who has a mini.  We end up tying him to a tree and head home.  I put the picture on Facebook asking if anyone knows who he belongs to.  A few hours later I was able to round up a truck and trailer (of course DJ wasn't around with his truck...).  We'll go load him up and he can stay here for the night.

We get the trailer hooked up and I check Facebook again.  BINGO!!  Someone claims him.  I tell her to call me.  They didn't have a trailer, so we went ahead and met them there to pick him up and take him home.

The boys were so close to getting their Christmas pony...

But on a serious note-- if your horse goes missing call the sheriff so I can call you when it's still light out that I found your horse and save us all three hours of our lives...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 150

On December 13, we made it to 150 days!  Almost halfway... not quite!  With just getting back from vacation, getting sick, and not planning ahead, the short days got the best of me and we had to do indoor pictures.  

JW of course had to get in on the action.

The little one is gaining over a pound every ten days.  That's about my rate of gain as well...
The umbilical is fully developed.  There is hair on the chin and muzzle and the eyelids now have eyelashes. It's twelve inches long and about six pounds, or the size of a rabbit.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of the Month

Sorry-- the Blogger App is still not working.  I couldn't even get the title typed without it closing!

Day 26
Amazon/Online shopping.  It's kind of a love/hate relationship, but so convenient!

Day 27
My hounds!  There would be a bunch of pictures here if the app worked...

Day 28
Family. Inlaws, outlaws, blood, and more

Day 29
The SHITMON.  It may not be much, but it's ours.

Day 30
Road trips.  This should be a good one :)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

Day 21

I'm thankful for technology.  I'm able to talk to my friends and family whenever I want!  Like, for example, at 6:30am when you have to let them know how your mother forgave you for slicing your legs open for a game because your cousin was the one who did it in your dream...

Totally normal dream, right?!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 20

I'm thankful for birthdays, because that means parties, and that means CAKE!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Day 19

Family get togethers.  We're doing DJ's family Thanksgiving today.  I love trying new recipes out on family and hearing them all reminisce about the past.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Days 15-18

Day 15:  I'm thankful for when the Blogger App works.  Today is not one of those days...  nor is Day 16-18, which is why it took so long :)

Day 16: I'm thankful for my bed.  This week has been a little frantic, so when I hit that bed I'm out!

Day 17: Potlucks!  We had one at work and I always love trying everyone else's version of sides!  I realize this grosses some one of you out...

Day 18: Hot apple cider!  It's finally getting chilly around here and I can't wait to get home and curl up with some hot apple cider and a book.  (Let's be real.  That's never happening, but it's a nice thought...)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Catching up!

Day 12
I'm incredibly thankful for weekends.  I love my job and all, but some weeks you just appreciate those weekends a little more!

Day 13
I'm so thankful we live so close to our family!  Friday night was spent with my sister and sister-in-law having a much needed girls night out.  Sunday we went back home so mom could cut DJ's hair.  We then got to help dig out some canna bulbs, which is why I don't have those at my house!

Day 14
Pinterest.  I'm pretty sure we'd be eating tacos and pizza every night if it weren't for Pinterest!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 11

I'm thankful I get to be an aunt. Even though my bank account would disagree...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 10

I'm thankful for cats. Bet ya didn't see that one coming did ya!? I go out to the barn and there's a new rodent or two dead almost every single day! I've definitely saved money from not having to buy new mouse traps since they showed up! Plus I think the word is getting around to the rabbits so maybe my gardens won't be so devastated this spring!! Here's Minkus-- Stella was too busy taking a nap after gorging on a rabbit. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Days 7 and 8

The Blogger app isnt working on my phone, so the lack of posting isn't because I didn't try!!

Day 7- I'm thankful for those who serve.  Police, armed forces, EMTs, fire fighters, etc.  This past week has really put it into perspective at how much they are willing to give.

Day 8- I'm thankful to live in the USA and have the right to vote.  Now go out and vote!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 6

One pan meals

Day 5

Man I couldn't even go a week without missing a day. Clearly I'm not cut out for this. Moving on...

Day five I am thankful for meat. And the farmers who help get it to my plate.  And for sales at the grocery store so I can stock up.

Day 4

This guy. 
I'll leave the mushy post for another day though ;)

Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 4

This guy. 
I'll leave the mushy post for another day though ;)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 2

Alright, so I'm super excited that I have a baby on the way, but let's be real.  Pongo's always going to be my baby, even though I already call him Old Man.  What's that make me!?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day1 and Day 100

November is here, but you'd never know if based on the weather!  Right now I'm okay with it, but if the mosquitoes come back I'll have an issue!!  I thought I'd try and do the month of thankfulness thing again this November.

So Day 1:  I'm thankful I get to do a countdown for a baby!!

Here's the update for Day 100.  We're not quite a third of the way there yet.  This is about a week old, but maybe the next one will get posted on time :)

- Babies ears are a half inch long and are unfurling from the head.
-Like me, baby has some hair on its lips.
-Baby is seven inches long and weighs in at one pound.  This is about the size of a six week old kitten.  (Luckily we don't have any more of those running around here!)

And of course, here's some outtakes:

Sometimes she's too friendly!

Poop happens.

She begged me for a selfie.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Things I've Learned This Year Pt 3

It's that time again.  For me to pass on a little of my learned knowledge to all two of you that read this...

-Identifying bird species is quite difficult for many adults.  At least around here.  Maybe I should do a post with some pointers...

-I'm a wake up one morning with an idea and make it happen kinda gal.  Examples: peafowl, saddle pad, horse trailer, incubator, bedroom remodel, etc.  (good thing DJ is easy going...)

-When you apply for a passport, they send your birth certificate in with it.  Hopefully I don't have to learn what happens when it goes missing...

-The government doesn't like you to smile.  Not for your driver's license, not for your passport, not for your mug shot.  Okay, I don't know about the last one...  yet.

-Just because you buy a trailer with "new" tires, doesn't mean they're going to make it 100 miles before blowing.

-Cooking is hard.  I've lost count of how many times I've cut or burnt myself in the last month...

-Farmers are freaks of nature.  They don't need sleep.  This is why I don't call myself a farmer.

-Randomly deciding to run a 5k with your dog the morning of the 5k doesn't always end badly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

80 Days

We are eighty days in!  (okay, so these were taken awhile ago and I just got around to posting them so not exactly accurate...)

And this is how picture taking goes at our place.

Pongo is also very interested in seeing what stage the little bambino is at.  In case you can't read it because a.) you're on your phone b.) you're blind c.) the lighting isn't great d.) I'm a pretend blogger with zero photography skills, here are the stats for eighty days along:
-The sex is viable!!  I'll have to try the string test and see what it says!
-The head and neck are untucked.
-The little dude (or dudette) is the size of a chipmunk (about 4.2oz)!!  So no, she's not showing.  She's just a chub.  Like everyone else here at the Shitmon...

Some milestones the baby hit before I got around to taking pictures...
-Day 24: can make out head, eyes, tail nub, 4 leg buds, pea sized heart
-Day 40: 4 legs, head, eyelids, rudimentary ears, ridges for nostrils, functional elbow and stifle joints, size of an olive
-Day 50: ribs are recognizable, domed head (think chihuahua), developed distinct skull, ears, hock & fetlock joints developed, umbilical cord is developing, fetus status, size of a pecan
-Day 60 (when original announcement pic was taken): size of hamster, resembles horse, hooves developing, head tucked, hairless

More info than you ever wanted to know about a growing horse embryo/fetus?  I didn't think so.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Yes-- we're expecting!! Okay, let's be real.  The "we" is more "me" :)

It all started back in January.  I started looking for baby daddies and was able to find one in Ohio I just couldn't shake.  I talked to Grandpa and was able to lease a mare from him.  I signed the breeding contract and sent in the stud fee.

'Lil Mama came into heat and I called the vet.  We started trying to artificially inseminate (AI) in April.  I took her back in May and found out she was open.  She was also not coming into heat again. Apparently that happens to maiden mares sometimes, as it's the first time for them to be "violated."  We had to swab her and send it to the lab to make sure she was clean and we weren't going to run into further issues.  This also happened around Memorial Day weekend, which my vet was leaving for, so we decided to wait until she should be coming in again on her own.

June comes and we were able to AI her again.  I go back for the ultrasound and she came up open.  I was crushed.  We decided to try one more time.

I went and picked her up to bring her home and when I opened the trailer to unload her, there was sweat running across the floor.  I opened the divider up and saw she had gotten her leg stuck on the escape door.  Luckily, she let me get her loose without a fight.  A week before I was supposed to take her back to get ultrasounded, she could barely walk.  Naturally, it was the day before I was supposed to be leaving for a weekend trip.  I called the vet and we decided it was most likely a bruise or abscess,  The farrier came out and instantly thought abscess.  He found nothing.  I went ahead and soaked it and wrapped it each day before I left.  Peter came up and did the same while I was gone,  I continued when I got back on Sunday.  I took her down to get ultrasounded and get a lameness exam.  Good news: she wasn't lame anymore.  We're still not real sure what happened-- guessing a bad bruise.  Bad news: she's open.  I had pretty much already accepted that with all the stress she'd had that go.

New options:  find a stud close enough to take her to live cover within three days or buy a proven mare to AI to next year.  (Yes, I already had one in mind.)

Peter and I both started searching for a stud close by that I could afford.  She found a few options.  I found a few options.  I wasn't in love with any or I just couldn't afford it after all the vet bills had been paid.  And then I remembered one I found when I was still on Facebook, Tres of Salt.  I Googled his name quick and found their contact info.  I called James and he said to wait a couple days until she got closer to ovulating and I said I'd rather bring her up early and pay the mare care as to miss it (she tends to go fast when she goes).  He said okay!  I met Peter and we dropped her off.  Within ten minutes of being together, he bred her.  BAZINGA!!

James called back a couple days later saying she was done.  Char and I went and picked her up.

I took her to the vet a couple weeks later and he said she was pregnant.  I asked if he was serious.  He said he wouldn't lie to me at this point!  Hot Damn we're having a baby!!

I did a happy dance out of there.  Yes, I'll be having a late June (hopefully) or July baby.  Yes, people will judge.  Yes, I'm okay with that.  Yes, it will probably be brown.  Yes, it's already named.  Yes, 'Lil Mama is getting spoiled.  Yes, Pongo is super excited to have another baby pal.  Yes, I can still breed to the original stud next year or the year after.  TWO BABIES.  DJ is thrilled...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vacay 2016 Part 2

After leaving Lake San Cristobal/Lake City area, we headed to Taylor Park.  We found lucked out again and found an awesome camping site.  We were off the main road a bit and at the end of the path, so we didn't have much traffic to deal with at the campground.  We set everything up and headed out to tour.

We had some more camp food.

And a campfire.  Of course.

We were able to do a lot of riding and sight seeing.  We took the Ranger out, as well as the truck.

After a few days there, we loaded up and headed home.

We arrived home just in time to clean up from the storm that had came through.

Welcome home! :)

Friday, October 7, 2016


DJ called me around lunchtime asking where I was.  I was at work. He told me there had been a peahen sighting and I should go look for her.  He told me where she was and I headed that direction. I couldn't find her so called and asked for a better idea of where she was.I turned around and looked again and that's when Bill pulled up behind me and said she had moved to a different road.He said she was huge and wasn't sure how I was going to catch her, but I had a plan. I headed that way and spotted her little head in the ditch. As I got closer, she got bigger and bigger, and that's when I realized it was an emu. I was not prepared to try and attempt to catch something that large so I called DJ and told him that it wasn't our peahen, but maybe he knew who has emus.  Once I was back at work, he called and said the owner was after her.
I decided next time I would be prepared to catch a pterodactyl if given the opportunity.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


There has been a Francis sighting. I repeat there has been a Francis sighting. I will update you when I know more.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vacay 2016 Part 1

Our normal vacation partners' schedules and DJ and mine didn't match up this year, so we called in the backups.  Actually they asked us... Chuck and DD .

We loaded up the truck and trailer and took off after work on Friday afternoon.  We stopped in town to grab some ribs before heading west.  We made it about 100 miles before we blow a tire on the trailer.  Awesome.  We limp it on in to a gas station and the guys change it.  Luckily we brought a couple spares and a toolbox so we were prepared.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful.  We stopped for fuel and that was about it.  DJ and DD traded off driving duties and Chuck and I tried to keep them awake.  After hitting the rumble strips a few times, we decided to pull over alongside the road and take a nap.

We decided to find a place to eat and have a bloody Mary.  We found Ol' Miner Steakhouse in Gunnison and went on in.  I'm pretty sure we were all members of the Clean Plate Club and of course washed it down with a bloody.   From there, we were heading to the store to pick up a few odds and ends since we weren't sure how close the nearest store would be.  Walking back to our truck we saw them setting up a farmer's market.  We waltzed over and bought nearly one of everything.  We got peaches, carrots, potatoes, lemonade, pickles, salsa verde, green beans, bread, and I'm sure other things...
We ran to the store and picked up some odds and ends and headed out of town towards Lake City.  We stopped at a little shop to ask where the best camping and riding areas were.  We pulled into Lake San Cristobal.  It was love at first site.  We set up camp at what seemed to us, the perfect location.  There were a few others camping around the lake, but we had prime real estate!!  
My awful attempt at a panoramic picture doesn't do it justice.  Go Google it.  I'll wait...

It was a few miles from the Alpine Loop, so we spent a day and took that adventure.  I'll have to post more pictures of that at a later time; all I have on my phone is this screenshot from Chuck.
We putzed around Lake City for a couple nights before heading to Taylor Park.
To be continued...

Friday, September 2, 2016

State Fair

Work gave me a ticket to the state fair.  I found a friend to meet up with and off we went.

Did I mention they also gave me food tickets?  As did my sister and a friend...I ended up with $40 dollars worth of food tickets.  Game on fair.  Game.  On.

I started off slowly, with an option on the healthy list-- the taco at the Turkey Federation.  I ate it before I remembered to take a picture.  It was delicious.

I went to the best lemonade joint there is, down by the horse, sheep, and pig barns.

From there, there was no holding back.  Peter showed up and we tag-teamed our way right through that $40.

There were Grater Taters:

Cheese curds. (again, devoured before a picture was taken)

A pineapple whip thing:

Egg rolls and crab rangoon (I can skip those next year)

A steak wrap from Cattlemen's (amazing):

Followed by two more lemonades to take home.

There may have been an adult beverage or two mixed in there as well...

I did manage to see a few things while eating my way through the fair.  Like the biggest bull:

and baby ostriches:

This little guy may or may not have came home with me. 

Okay, so I didn't see a lot besides food...  next year I'll do better.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bye Summer

And just like that it's Labor Day weekend already!  CRAZY!  I have been pretty busy lately, so I'm blaming that on my lack of posting!  :)  I do have lots of things to post about though like state fair, vacation, and some super exciting news!  Hopefully I'll get one posted by the weekend, but no promises!  I have volleyball to play, a blanket to finish, and tomatoes to do something with before I can sit at my computer to write much.  Check back soon though! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Newest Addition

While I'm still hoping Francis surfaces, I felt sorry for Floyd being alone. As I said in my last post, I started looking for a new peahen. I had a lot of leads, but most wouldn't get back to me with answers. 
On Friday I found an ad that was located within an hour drive. On Saturday, Bonnie came home to the ranch. 
Her and Floyd have a lot in common, as both their significant others flew away. Bonnie's Clyde had been missing for awhile so their owner decided to find her a new home. 
Despite reading the proper way to introduce peafowl to one another, I put them together within the first hour we were back. 
She checked everything out and waltzed right into his kennel like she owned the joint. Sorry Floyd, but I don't think you'll be wearing the pants in this relationship.