Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[Another] New Addition

Peter brought up a new friend for Stella. 
Her name is Ellie, but she also goes by Ella. 
Stella's not sure about the whole sharing thing. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vacation Day 1

We got to Florida late so we didn't do anything. The end.

But day two!! 

After a couple hours of sleep, we got up to take Jilly to work. We dropped her off and took her car for the day.

We got ready and headed out. We decided we would stop for lunch when we saw something. Well, we saw a lady dressed as a pig with a BBQ sign so we turned. The opposite way. 

After getting a bite to eat, something to drink, a cooler, and ice we made it to Silver Springs National Park. 

We made a trip to the restroom and saw our first glimpse at wildlife-- a gecko (I think) climbing the wall. As we headed back we heard some leaves rustling. It was a black snake. And then I saw two more. And then Chuck took off at a walking sprint. 

We signed our lives away, gave away the car key, and got in a kayak. Neither of us had any experience at kayaking, while practically the rest of the group goes every year. After a lot of giggling and cussing we started to figure it out. We saw monkeys and gators and had a good time. 

Once we got back to land, we headed to a nearby bar with the rest of the kayaking group before heading back to the hospital to pick up Jilly. 

Long story short we put oil in her car and went home before walking to get pizza. And caprese salad. And wine. 

Anyone who received Chuck's Snap Chats knows it was an entertaining walk home full of rapping and dancing. And we nailed it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The new pony decided to wait until Monday (rainy workday) to stir things up at the ranch.  And by ranch I mean the Shitmon.

I went out to do chores only to find they had gone through a fence.  I fixed it enough to not cause any injury while I was at work.

As I neared home, I saw they were in a different pasture.  Guess I'm fixing more fence...

I got home and changed and headed out to see the new damage.  It was an easy fix, so I took care of it and headed over to the initial mess.  While I got my supplies gathered up, they decided to move over to that pasture.

And then all hell broke loose.

Hooves were flying.  Mud was flying.  Horses were flying.  I knew it was only a matter of time before more fence was flying.  I stopped what I was doing and went to grab halters to tie them up to settle down.  And then they went through the fence.  I couldn't see exactly what happened or who went through what, but they ended up in two different pastures that they were locked out of.  And the fence between them was now down as well.

After some cussing at the top of my lunch coaxing, I was able to get them settled down enough to catch them all and separate them.  I was able to fix most of the fence.  I ended up having to take one down because I didn't have parts or daylight to fix it and didn't want anyone getting caught up in it.  I decided the youngin' would spend the stormy evening in isolation the round pen.

I went out to check on everyone before I went to bed to make sure they had settled down for the night.  I got to the barn and turned the light on only to see Miss Stella had a visitor over.  BUSTED!!  Here's to hoping there aren't kittens in 66 days-- gonna be a chilly first few days for them!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Trying Something New

Chaotic Goddess Swaps' 12 Days of ChristmasI've seen other bloggers post about a few of these swaps before, but I have never participated in one.  That just changed!  I signed up and can't wait to see who I'm partnered with.  If you're interested, head on over to cgswaps.com and check it out!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


We made it back from vacation.  Once I get some time (and some data...) I'll do full posts.  I wish it wasn't over yet!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I'm doing a little happy dance over here at my desk.  Know why?  Cuz I'm at work.  Over lunch.  Not running home to do more eye drops!

Yep! We're done!!  Whoo hoo!!  This might be the best thing that's happened all week.  Pretty sure of it.

In other news, I met up with some high school friends and caught up with them over dinner and drinks.

I have some 5ks coming up soon-- we'll see if that goes as planned!

One involves bloody marys after we finish-- that might be the one I'm most looking forward to!!

I've got some Christmas shopping done.  I think I'm finished with the boys. Okay, let's be real for a minute-- I'll find something adorable/awesome that I can't pass up and get it for them.  I'm pretty sure their parents can't wait for payback time!  I'm not sure what my family is doing for Christmas this year-- cancelled Christmas again?

I'll try to remember my camera to post some pictures soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hello October

Well we got Sammi married off. I'm sure there will be many more embarrassing photos of me to surface soon from that. 😳 fun was had by all. Or at least me. 

One of Pongo's eyes is healed and the other is on the mend. The vet isn't coming back to check on it unless I think something has gone wonky. Hopefully just a few more days of eyedrops. Those have been moved to every six hours now. 👍🏻👍🏻

 We've added a new member to the family. Her name is Stella and her brothers aren't quite sure about her. She stands up for herself quite well though. 

Our fence is almost finished and I couldn't be more excited! The ponies might be a little more excited. You can't see it, but there's fence up around them in the picture. They're not just free roamers anymore! 

Now to finish fence and clean house. Any volunteers to come help with either are welcome!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick Update

I have been giving Pongo his eye drops about every four hours. These pictures are from Sunday. 
As you can see, they have changed pretty dramatically since the last pictures. The vet comes back tomorrow so we will see what the next plan of attack is. 
This weekend will be a busy one with my baby sister from another mister tying the knot. I cannot wait for her big day! She's gonna be knock out gorgeous. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015


So it's been awhile eh!? 
Sorry bout that. 
Turns out I have a legit excuse this time. I think. 

Pongo has ulcers. In his eyes. They require eyedrops. Every three hours.  😴

The most common question I get about this is how I figured it out. It started out like this:
And quickly (as in overnight) progressed to this:
So I called my vet.  She came and dyed his eyes: 

And this  showed up:
That yellow green spot is the ulcer. 

I treated it every three hours with eyedrops and every six hours with serum that I pull off of: 
His blood. 

The vet came back a few days later and re-dyed his eyes and found another ulcer in his other eye. I keep treating in the same fashion, now in both eyes. 

And a couple days later I found this:
Another one. A big one. At this point I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. 

The vet comes back and we do the same thing. 

No more new ones. 
She gave me some more drops to add to the mix and she's coming back this week. He seems much more comfortable and I think they are starting to look better. But maybe that's just my lack of sleep talking!? 

Here's to hoping the end is near and vacation won't have to be cancelled!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sammi's Shit Show

We survived the bachelorette party!  Somehow.  I think only about half of the group made it to the end. Walter got us to the bar(s) and Earl drove us around on the golf cart.  Pictures and videos are probably not appropriate for most eyes and ears... whoops

Now for another one this week and then the final few weddings of the year for us.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


My friend from college came back from Florida a couple weekends ago and Juice and I were able to pick her up from the airport and hang out with her for a bit.  (Luckily Juice's baby didn't fall out!)  I'm sure her husband would have rather listened to blaring static on the radio instead of listening to us three jabber on.  Pretty sure it was the longest car ride he's ever been on!!  We had a good time though!!  It's so funny how we pick up right where we left off!  Now to plan a trip to Florida!!

This past weekend we went to a wedding.  We're down to only three left for the year!

This week we're working on getting some permanent fencing up for the horses.  I can honestly say I am terrible at measuring things with a wheel-- the whole walking straight thing... yeah, it's hard.

This week I have a wedding shower and bachelorette party to attend.  To the bar, Walter!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Did we really just celebrate Independence Day?  It feels more like Labor Day.  Maybe.

I'm not complaining.  That will happen next week when we have temperatures that are normal for this time of year.

We've been able to check some items off the to-do list outside so that's always exciting.

The sidewalk and patio were colored over the long weekend and I must say they did pretty good for their first time!

My flower garden has been under water more than once since the sidewalk was poured so we're working on fixing that problem.

I was able to harvest my first item out of the garden last night!  A little green pepper was hiding under all the weeds!  And to think, DJ wanted to mow the garden off... pshh!!

Sammi's coming over tonight and I doubt too much wedding planning happens.  Although, a bloomer dropper or two might be consumed.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend at the SHITMON.  It started out by pouring concrete on Friday afternoon about 3:30.  We have a handy friend or two and we were eating by 7pm that night. I personally didn't do much-- I handed a few items to people and kept the dogs and myself out of the way!  Once they finished, we had some smoked meats and drinks for everyone.

Saturday we worked around the house.  Char and I put some flowers in the ground while DJ worked on the tiling and dirt work.  We headed into town to see some friends before Char made us some bruschetta.  We got some pizza and a movie to go with it and called it a night.

Sunday DJ got up and mowed while Char and I slept in.  Once he finished we moved hay around and delivered it to his longtime customer.  We also pulled out a few dead trees that needed replaced.  We wound up at the neighbors for supper.  We got back home and DJ went in to cleanup for bed while I went out to do chores.  I watered all my flowers and then headed toward the barn when I discovered that we have mulberries growing!  
I'm not sure how I've lived there for over four years and haven't discovered this before!!  I ate all of them that were ripe or close to ripe.  I stopped on my way back from the barn just to make sure I didn't miss any.  My summer has been made!! :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Catch Up

Pretty sure that's all I ever do on here is play catch up!!

Last weekend DJ, Brother Chris, Mel, and I went to North Dakota for a wedding.  It's always fun when you travel with others for the first time.  We'd all never been in a car together for more than an hour so I wasn't sure what to expect.  People have different habits/routines-- personally I don't stop until I need fuel.  Probably why people hate going far with me.  Thank Pa for that!  It ended up going very smoothly (minus the rental car ordeal...).  Of course I can't talk for any of them--I was asleep or attempting to sleep most of the ride!

We got there Friday evening and had a few drinks before heading to the rehearsal dinner.  We weren't in the wedding, we just crash rehearsals.  We ate, they rehearsed, everyone drank, and then we went back to the campfire for s'mores and drinks.  After three failed attempts at s'mores I gave it up for the evening.  We called it a night and headed to our air mattress.

We got up in the morning and Byrnes and DJ made breakfast for us.  For some reason Byrnes was surprised that the Knollies were the only couple prepared for camping-- I was a little offended!!

It started raining shortly after so we just hung out under the cabin's overhang until it was time to get ready for the wedding.

It was the sweetest wedding ever!!  They wrote their own vows and read them to each other.  Adorable.  I can only imagine what DJ would have written for ours...

After the reception we headed to the fire ring and got the bonfire started.  We called it quits pretty early since we had to get up and clean and pack before we could leave in the morning.

Although it was a short trip, I think we all had a good time.  I even got DJ to smile (although pretty creepily) for a picture!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I've been talking about posting wedding pictures on here for a long time.

For about five months now.

Well today's your lucky day.

Kind of.

I don't have many on this computer, but some is better than none, right!?

Rumbaugh Photography took the pictures.

Turns out that computer hates me so I'm using what I have on the teleringer. 

Picture of a picture cuz that's how I roll!! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Knee

I went to the doctor this morning and I don't have to have surgery.  I do however, GET to wear a sweet brace.  And wear it I shall at the price it was!!

Try not to get jealous...

Thursday, April 30, 2015


We've welcomed nephew #3 into the world this week!  A Diddy is adorable and I can't wait to get my paws on him!!

Now to get someone to work on niece #2...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


As usual- I'm late :)

We spent Easter Sunday with my family.  Char picked us up that morning and we headed west to check out our brother's sweet pad, of course after a pit stop for bloody Mary's...

We arrived (late) and was introduced to the new girlfriend.  My brother mixed me up a drink-- name is still pending, but pretty sure it should be something along the lines of One and Done.

We had some appetizers to pick at while we waited for the ham.  We gorged ourselves with all sorts of goodies, including a couple different pieces of pie.  Go on and judge.

Once everyone was done eating, my brother decides to do what every family does on Easter.  Shoot the shit.  

I don't even know what it was we shot, but it went boom.  He handed the gun over to me (after making me hobble down the hill and back) and I somehow managed to blow it up on the second shot.  I was pretty proud of myself.  Pretty sure everyone else was a little more scared of me after that.

After that happened, the responsible adults made us put the guns away, causing the party to rapidly wind down.  He mixed up another drink that made a SnapChat appearance and I was drug out of the house to head home.

Char got us back home in one piece and peeled out of the driveway to go home.  I don't know why she wanted to get away from me...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Latest

The doctor called me back on Friday and informed me that my MCL is torn.  He wasn't comfortable saying if I need surgery or not, so I'm now waiting to meet an orthopedic surgeon to find out the next step.  I'll know more come May.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Friday Funday

I went to the doctor last Friday to get my knee checked out. It doesn't look promising. He thinks my ACL is torn but an MRI tomorrow will confirm that. 

Good times!!!

I left the doctors office and went to the grocery store. As I closed my car door the paper with my MRI appointment time and location blew away.  So there I go hobbling through the parking lot after it.  Right when it would get within reach another gust would stir it up.  I finally caught it. Char asked if anyone saw this go down. I can only assume no since no one helped the crippled girl out...

I went in and grabbed my potatoes and pain meds (read alcohol...) and headed home. The guys had finished the dog fence at our place and headed to the neighbors. They ended up doing ma and pa's yard too. 

Grandma's fried chichen, tAters, and gravy can All use some work. Guess that means well keep practicing :) 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another Fun Filled Friday

I keep thinking today is Friday.  It's not.  Which is sort of good.  I have a house to clean before my helpers arrive tomorrow!

We're putting in a new underground fence for the two pooches.  
Okay, mainly it's for the little one that likes to go visit the neighbors.
 Peter and Wisconsin will be here tomorrow afternoon to help with that.  I'll probably be late to the party.  I'm still limping around and people keep telling me I should go get my knee looked at.
 I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.  We're also going to try to make some of Grandma's famous fried chicken and mashed taters.  I'm pretty excited for that!

I hope you all have a very blessed Easter!  I'll be shoveling my face full of food at the brother's palace.  Rumor has it there might be a new girl involved?!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Change of Plans

I was supposed to leave yesterday after work for Omaha.  A nice little get away before planting starts.  Well that trip got cancelled so I ended up doing chores like normal.  I was heading back inside to finish a baby blanket and Clyde came to meet me.  We played fetch and then he decided to take me out.  120 pounds of pure muscle by a mastiff that thinks he's a greyhound straight to the knee... felt good!  DJ text me about that time so I told him I was lying in the yard and wasn't sure I could get up.  He was headed to drop the mower off at Aunt Lynn's.  So I thought he'd be right there to check on me.  I was wrong.  Apparently he thinks me lying in the yard on a 40 degree day is normal!?  I waddled inside to the couch and he got home awhile later.
The neighbors wanted to know what the new plan was since Omaha got cancelled.  I was going to work half a day and then we were going to do a little road trip this afternoon.  And then that got cancelled.  Now I'm working a full day.  Limping around on one leg... being laughed at by everyone I see.

I really needed that vacation...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weekend Catch Up

I headed back home Friday after work (and a dentist appointment).  I swung by the shop and saw Pa and some of his pals and watched a few minutes of basketball before Ma was asking where I was.  I ran (not literally... woof) home before she closed up shop and got my hairs trimmed.  It'd been over a year since she chopped it off for me to donate, so I was in need!  Pa got home shortly after that and then my old roommate Myles swung in for supper.  We caught up and then headed to Main Street for a drink.  Or two.  I caught up with some old friends in there and we had a good time.

I got home and may or may not have broken the sink...

My alarm went off seven minutes later shortly thereafter to get up.  I headed to the high school to play in our alumni volleyball tournament.  We didn't win it, but we did put up a fight against all those youngsters!  I had a great time catching up with some old friends that I don't see nearly as often as I should!  My body still hurts-- maybe I should play more than twice a year!?

We were to go to Omaha this coming weekend but they put the kibosh on that.  Who knows what we'll end up doing now!!

PS.  I took wedding pictures back for Ma to see.  She still has them...  I'll try to rummage up a couple this week though.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Birth Control

This is not a birth announcement.  And don't even bother asking when we're going to have kids... Sorry Ma, not any time soon!

This past weekend I was a chaperone on my high school FFA's ski trip.  Talk about some great birth control!!  I'm not sure how there are teachers out there that don't drink... Two days with those kids (and parents) and I couldn't get home to the pups fast enough!!  At least they don't back talk to me!! :)

We got our wedding pictures back so I'll post a few soon!