Wednesday, October 11, 2017

In Need of Ideas

Guys!  I turn thirty in less than three months!  Mama- your baby girl is about to get old!  Not as old as the others though... just sayin!

I've seen some bloggers do a thirty before thirty thing where they have all these "bucket list" items to knock out before the big 3-0.  I thought it would be fun to do something like this, but maybe only like three before thirty.  I mean let's be real, I'm kind of a fly by the seat of my pants gal.  I've already skydived? skydove?  Whatever, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.  Garth's in town and some guy needs a date?  I went with him, even though I was seeing Garth the next day.  I took a photography class and attended a workshop.  I had my horse baby.  I'm going to see Garth again this month.  I pretty much do what I want... without thinking about it first! 

This is where I need your help!  I don't plan ahead, so have came up with zero ideas!!  What can I put on my list?  Ready?  Go!

P.S. Let's keep this relatively affordable... unless you're offering to pay! 

Monday, October 2, 2017


Remember that time I said I was going to post every day on here?  Ha-- clearly I need to make more realistic goals.

It's been over a month.  I'm surprised I haven't heard more backlash from the two of you that read this...

Harvest has started.  I have zero picture as proof of this.  I did go on a parts run this weekend though.  And that was about the end of my productivity for the weekend.  It was pretty rough.  It rained again this morning, with more rain in the forecast so they'll be out of the fields for a little bit.

I tried using the wood fired pizza oven/grill thing.  That didn't work!  Going to need some practice on that before I can start posting pictures of something you'd be impressed with.

Rudy is growing like a weed.  I took some pictures of him last weekend I need to post.  I had to pick up a new halter for him since he hardly fits into his pink one anymore.  I think he was a little sad I didn't get another pink one for him, but the teal will have to work until he fits into the purple!  The good news is, we'll know what color he looks good in!  :)

Alright, I guess I'd better get back to work.  I'll aim to post before Halloween.  I'm not a very good shot though.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Oh Yeah, We had a Baby!

Did I forget to mention we had a baby on here?!  I think I'm doing pretty good, I announced it before he's two months old... not bad for the first born, right?!

Here's how I remember the day going- I'm sure not all of the following is true:

It was Tuesday, June 20, 2017.  I got up, went and worked out and went out to chore when I got home.  At this point, Pongo is in the run in and Mama is in the stall.  Note: the stall is also in the run in... I should post a picture of this sometime so it makes more sense.  Anyway, Mama's stuck in the stall with a sliding stall door keeping her apart from Pongo.  I go to give her hay or feed or something, details are blurry at this point, when JW starts going nuts cuz Pongo is stepping on him.  I start yelling at Pongo to move, but naturally he stands the most still he ever has so I go and push him off JW.  I scoop the dog up and carry him into the barn to check him over.  He takes off running like a crazy man, so I figure he must be good to go.  I turn around to Mama making a break for it through the stall gate I didn't close.  (Nothing exciting yet guys, just another Tuesday in the life of...)

Prior to this, the plan was to leave her in the stall during the day so I could check in on her via camera since she had been acting a little funny the night before.  After dumping her bucket of water down my leg I said screw it, she can stay out.  Off to work I went.

I showed up to work late (see above paragraphs) and was doing computer work when Peter text saying Mama was acting restless.  I said I'd go check on her.  Before I had even got my tush out of the seat, she calls.  They're both in the stall and something is happening.  Okay, on my way.  I leave work.

I can't remember if Peter called me back first or if I called DJ first.  We'll go with Peter's call first.  She calls- it's happening.  I'm a mile away, but have to drive on the roads so it's two miles.  Hammer down.  I call DJ saying I might need his help-- I mean nothing else has gone smooth with this pregnancy, why would the birth?!  He's busy and tells me to call his mom.  I should have just called her in the first place...

I get home and they're still both in the stall.  I kick Pongo out and close the door.  I scratch on Mama a bit and grab my little handy dandy foaling kit and some towels so everything is close.  I call the vet to tell them it's starting so they're aware in case I need assistance.  About six seconds later she starts pushing and I can see a foot.  I pretty much blinked and there was a baby!  Debbie got there right after he was born.  I looked back and Peter had called at like 8:06 and there was a baby by 8:23.  Wam bam thank ya ma'am.

Mama wasn't sure what just happened or what I had on my lap.  Debbie and I eventually got her to stand still so he could nurse.  Three hours had passed by and she hadn't passed the afterbirth, so the vet did have to come out and get it out of her.  Other than that, it was a pretty pain free process.  (Easy for me to say, I know!)  Victor was on her way to the city anyway so she made a detour to come see her newest grandbaby.  Pa was at a meeting the night before and stopped on his way home to see him.  Chuck fell in love and I had her scooping poop.  The love has since worn off...

I'm not home, but here are some phone photos for proof that part of this story was true.  I was told the videos were too graphic, so I won't post them, but if you'd like me to send them to you, I have them :)
Pretty fresh here
Before he got up

Mmm... that's the good stuff

Just over a week old

Friday, July 28, 2017

Peabody Update

I think I left you off with Francis missing and Floyd hanging alone in his house after I captured him in the field last year.  I then found a peahen, Bonnie, to join him. 

Fast forward to April 2017 (I think-- give or take a month or two...), and they have figured out how to get out of their home.  We would sit and watch them come out in the evening, wander around the yard, then go back in.  They did this for a few days in a row before really venturing off to the trees.  They decided to settle down in one of our windbreaks.  Perfect!  I moved their water and feed dishes out there for them.  In the mornings and evenings they'd come out and wander around.  (They could have done this during the day as well, but I had to be an adult and go to work instead of sitting at home watching my peafowl.  Lame, I know.)  I was pretty pumped, this is what I had been working for!  Free rangers that stay home!  

I pulled in from work one day to Josie in the driveway.  I sent a SnapChat to a few folks joking that it would be a miracle if the Peabodys are still alive.  I lock her in the garage and go start looking for them.  I find Floyd in the yard with his feet in the air.  DJ then got a phone call telling him to tell his family (Josie's owners) to come take care of my dead peacock.  I continued looking for Bonnie, but couldn't find her.  I assumed she flew away.  DJ would later find her in the trees.  The next morning she was back in the old garage.  

I started looking for a peacock so she wouldn't be lonely.  After a little searching, I located one that was close by and free.  DJ and I went and picked him up and brought him home to meet Bonnie.  

About a week or two in, Floyd Jr Jr escaped.  Bonnie called him back and the next morning he was trying to figure out how to get back in.  I let him in and things were fine.

Until they weren't.

They both escaped a few days later and were hanging out in the windbreak.  They hung out for a few days.  Perfect, that didn't take long.  And then they disappeared.  

I got a call while I was at volleyball one night that the neighbors had caught Floyd Jr Jr.  No sign of Bonnie.  I went over and picked him up (it was actually him, not an emu this time) when I got back and locked him into the garage.  I kept the garage locked up tight for quite awhile.  DJ convinced me that wasn't any way to live, so I decided to open the door up.  It didn't take long for him to get out.  He would torment the dogs by strutting around on the deck while they were locked inside.  He was around for a few days before skating.  He was at Aunt Lynn's for a few days, but we haven't seen him for awhile now.

I guess I'm taking this time to get out of the peafowl business.  For now.  Until I get a better cage set up so they have a safe haven.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Oh Hey!!

Woof!  Where'd June go!?  Didn't we just celebrate Memorial Day!?

I just wanted to stop in and say I'm alive and I'm trying to post.  Albeit, I'm obviously not trying too hard...

A lot has happened.

I need to update ya'll on the Peabodies, the basement, and the baby.

But not today.


Hopefully before August rolls around.  Yay state fair!  Then it's wedding season, also known as September.  After that, maybe I'll have some free time?  So busy.  Just kidding.  I think the experts refer to it as lazy.  Practically the same though.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nothing to See Here

Holy smokes-- the countdown is on!  We are officially under the one month mark!!  I kinda fell off the wagon with taking pictures of Lil' Mama-- this should surprise nobody!

Pa delivered a load of straw last week, so Lil' Mama (not to be confused with my Mama) has been spending her nights in the stall.  Since she hasn't been showing any signs that she is close to foaling, she's still out with Pongo during the day.

I have everything in the barn ready to roll (I think).

She has started to get a bag, but nothing crazy.  Her croup is still tight.  Her teats are full, but that's nothing new!  She's a maiden mare so she may or may not show the normal signs!  I keep telling her it's not time yet.  Oh yeah, and she's still getting her antibiotics twice a day.

I went ahead and ordered another camera so I can have one on her in the stall at night and one on the pasture during the day.  And then one ended up in her water bucket...
Surprisingly it still works, but it has some condensation on the lens making it blurry.  I'll put that one on the pasture since babies usually come at night.  If you want the info to check in on her let me know.  I may or may not be able to walk/talk you through setting it up! :)

Oh yeah-- if you see Pa, make sure to wish him Happy Birthday today!!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Case of the Mondays

Luckily it's Friday.

I should have known to go back to bed when I was told I wasn't glowing, but leaking.  Uhh... thanks!?

Or maybe I should have gone and got that donut I was craving.

After a not fantastic day at work, I go to leave and discover a flat tire.  Perfect.

So to brighten my day and maybe yours, I leave you with a picture:

This was shortly before he stepped on her...

Just kidding, but if I tried that pose today, that would be how my story would end.  

Happy weekend!