Thursday, January 24, 2013


My birthday is coming up.  That doesn't really bother me.  I mean, I've been saying I'm old since I've turned the big 2-1!  Everyone asks what I have planned or what I'm going to do.  Well, I'm going to go to work.  Just like every other week day... Whoo hoo!! 

I know, pretty exciting!  MS and JT are coming this weekend for an early birthday party.  There had better be cake!  I told MS if she helps me we should easily be able to knock out a quilt front in a weekend.  And then I invited JT to join.  I have a feeling the fabric will get bought and then a bottle or seven of booze will be consumed and then she'll wonder why I don't have her quilt done... 

But really, the thing that makes me feel old?  I'm sore.  I rode the other day and now I'm sore.  That never used to happen.  Ugh.  Maybe I should just ride more?  Yes, I think that shall be my resolution.

On it!!

But not today.  Today I scoop the poop.  Just livin' the life!! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I feel like I should post.  I haven't for a couple days.  And I have the time.  BUT I have nothing to write about!!

I can't upload pictures from this computer either (that being a big reason I rarely put any pictures with my posts!!)  It pops up like I'm going to be able to and then nothing.  I just have my screen with a see through one on top and I can't click on anything so I end up closing out of my window! 

DJ got me a present!  We went to get him some warm pants to wear under his jeans and the 40% off sign caught my eye!  I suckered him into buying me some sweet pink Muck boots.
Arctic Sport Snow Muck Boots - Hot Pink

(hopefully the picture showed up)  Pretty sweet right!?  I'm pretty excited to wear them!  I'll get to try them out when I do chores this week.  He also got me a shirt.  I don't know what kind-- it's a man's shirt.  While in the rental, I would steal one of his (he has two) and wear it to bed because it was so cold.  Last month I got accused of stealing one (he later found it in a bag).  So I scooped up one of those too-- my size!!  Whoop whoop!  Maybe I'll wear it when I start running again. 

Oh yeah, have I told you that I'm going to start doing that again in February!?  I'm already dreading February 1!! 

I also tried to talk him into getting me another hat; like the one I had on in the store.  It didn't happen.  :(  Everyone loves it though!  (okay,  maybe I just tell myself that)  I'm pretty sure I look ridiculous in it and people just tell me I look good so they can laugh at me when I wear it in public-- AND I'm totally okay with that!  I told him we'd go back later, when the winter stuff is (hopefully) on clearance!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Planning Ahead

I got an e-mail from Shutterfly the other day.  It had a promo code for a free photobook, kind of like a yearbook.  I thought that was a good deal (one normally runs ~$30).  I decided I'd see if I could whip something up.  I started looking through my photos, and JT's photos on Facebook, and thought I could do a concert one.  I did go to a bunch of those last year.  And then nothing happened.

I went to bed or went and did something else and I was thinking Valentine's Day is coming.  I could whip one up about DJ and me and give to him.  (Yeah, I know, just what every dude wants!)  So I started looking into it and playing around the other night before we went out to eat.  So I knew he would go to bed early one night, so I stayed up and whipped it together. 

I get it all done and go to preview it and order it or whatever.  And then I realize it was supposed to be twenty pages.  Not ten, like I had done...

So I push off my bedtime some more (I was already at least an hour past it) and was able to finish it in time to use the code!  With a couple hours to spare!!  It is supposed to be in before Valentine's Day even!  Bonus!  I just have to order the other part of his gift and I'll be done shopping for (hopefully) a long time!!

Hope he likes it!  I'm sure he'll carry it with him and show all of his friends what an awesome gift he got!!  Baha!!

Who'm I kidding?!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Birthday Presents

DJ asked what I wanted for my birthday.  I told him I didn't know.

Fast forward a week or two.

He asked if I wanted a new sewing machine.  I said probably sometime, but since I'm still learning this one is fine.  He said that was the only thing he could think of to get me (then admitted to not even looking into them).  Then he asked me again what I wanted.  I told him to just put the money towards the barn.  Or a ring.  Or whatever.

So the waiting game continues!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Question

I should have kept track of the number of times I (or we) got asked "the question" over the holidays!!  There was a birthday party, a concrete holiday party, our farm Christmas party, new years eve party, and birthday "party."  Not to mention just when we run into people when we're in town.  Seriously, everyone wants to know when we're getting married.  And there is nothing on my left ring finger.  Nothing.  Well, some hair.  Cuz I'm a freak.

I just laugh and tell them not for awhile because I told him I wanted my barn before a ring.  The guys usually go off about how horses are hay burners (as if they're the first ones to tell me such...) and the girls either say seriously?  or oh.  I'm not sure what I'll start saying once my barn is built and there's still no date set.  Maybe I'll try not for a long time cuz then he'll want a kid popping out and I'm in no rush for that?!  Or maybe after I have my (horse) baby.  I mean really, which is more important?  Horse babies or weddings?!  Weddings can wait.  Right??

They all seem to be pretty worried about it.  Maybe we won't get married.  Just keep living in sin, ma will appreciate that.

I read on someone's blog with the same problem, so she just started throwing out random dates.  I'm considering this.  Seriously.  DJ told a few 11-12-13, which is a Tuesday or something.  Looks like we're goin' to the courthouse!!  Each person who asks is going to get a different answer.  Then when they'll talk they won't know who heard right... and then we'll probably get asked again by them, giving them a different answer.  We'll see how long it takes for them to catch on.


Most of the people who ask are people who will probably know he has a ring before I will!  Oh well.  I guess I'll stick to my barn story for now.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Best Present Ever

I told you about the quilt I gave to MS for Christmas.  I had her take some pictures of it so I could show you.  As I've said before, it is far from perfect.  It was definitely a learning experience and I think the one I'm working on now will be better.  This is the size of a baby blanket.

The Back

The Front, Binding, and Back

Close up of the Front

I used this awesome tutorial to teach myself as I go.  It told me everything I needed to know!  I rushed my work, but I will be able to use what I learned on my next quilts.  I'm sure I'll have to go back and read it again as I get further into it!

I hope this year is starting out on a good note for everyone!