Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Garden Tour

With the amazing weather we've been having, I got a little excited about flowers.  I've made a couple few stops to the greenhouses around here and have made more than one purchase.  DJ is thrilled.  I just know he is!

I thought I'd show you some pictures of what I have so far.  Don't get too excited, I only snapped a couple pictures so far.  As more pop up/I think of it, I'll post more.

So pull on your boots and let's go!
Tassel Salmon Pink Fuscia 
Not real sure what these are, but I thought they were pretty cool.  I transplanted them into this pot since it was bigger than what it was in.  Maybe it will make it into its forever home sometime this year.  (Or with my gardening skills, this is it's forever home and forever isn't very long for flowers around the SHITMON)

I'll have to look on the tags again to see what these are all called... yeah, I'm on top of it.
My original idea was to put these in two different glass jars.  Turns out my jars weren't as big as I had thought, so I found this old pan and stuck 'em in there.  We'll see how long these make it.  It's my first attempt at a terrarium, so I'm not expecting great things for these poor suckers.

Alright, that is all so far.  Next time will be better.  If everything lives until then......

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