Thursday, April 4, 2013


Awhile back (a couple weeks??) we loaded up in our neighbors truck and headed to a benefit auction.  DJ told a couple of the ladies spearheading it that we would come up, never mind the two hour drive.  So up we went.

It was a nice drive and we took the back roads instead of the interstates so we could see more of the countryside.  After a pit stop, we finally found the small town we had been aiming for. 

We hopped out of the truck and right beside the hall was a bar.  We skipped the bar.  Just kidding.  If you fell for that, obviously you don't know us.  We decided to check it out since we were about the 7th vehicle parked.  We went in and it was an old saloon style bar.  It was long and skinny with an old wood floor.  We had a drink and headed to the big ordeal.

We walked in and got our auction number and talked to the ladies DJ knew.  We went through the food line and had potato soup, veggies, salads, and bread sticks and cupcakes and cookies for dessert.  We finished eating and went and scouted both the live auction and the silent auction items.

An hour or so after it was supposed to start, the live auction started.  And then I started bidding.  I had set my limits on my items beforehand, so even though DJ was telling me to stop bidding, I kept going.  Until I hit my limit.  And then I won this:

My awesome barn door painting.

I don't think DJ was real impressed.  I may or may not have bought something else as well, but I'll save that for another post. 

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but that didn't stop me from bidding!  It's actually really heavy.  Around 30 pounds is what the artist told us.  The guys were worried about it flying out the back of the truck on the way home, but that wasn't a problem!!  Right now I have it on my side table.  Maybe someday it will get hung, but that sounds like a lot of work! 

Also, the little bronze thing in the corner, that's a spittoon.  That DJ had to have at an auction last year.  Maybe we should quit going to auctions?!

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