Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Garage Blankey

Long ago, in a far far off place, I told MS if she came up and helped me, we could get a quilt front done for her in a weekend.  Yes, I have to bribe her to come visit.  She came up and I met her at the fabric store (it was too intimidating for her to do it on her own).  We spent forever at least an hour in there before I told her to get enough for two and we can figure it out later!  We head home and that Friday was spent drinking.  I'm guessing.  I really don't remember what we did that night, but I know we didn't work on the quilt. 

The next morning, we woke up early before noon and got to work.  I think DJ made us breakfast.  He likes to do that for MS.  Mmm Bacon.  I showed her how to cut and said I have to run into work I'll be back.  She text me while I was in there saying she was terrible and was done.  I told her to start ironing the fabric.  I got home and she had enough ironed that I could get started.  I started sewing while she ironed and we got it done by lunch.  Okay, maybe it was a late lunch, as in most restaurants weren't serving at 2:30pm so we spent an hour trying to figure out where to go.  I tell her I'll work on the back later, so she leaves shortly after our lunch.
This is the quilt front, not quite finished, but you get the idea of what it will look like!
Fast forward...  whoa that was a little to far!  Rewind...  There we go

DJ brought his work bag home and threw it on the bed.  Of course, I had since cleaned the guest room and moved MS's quilt.  HAHAHAHA  Who am I kidding.  It was still there. 

Fast forward a weeeee lil bit... I go to work on the quilt, or make room to start working on another one, I don't really recall why, but I started clearing off the bed.  I threw DJ's bag on the floor.  And what do ya know, there is grease on the quilt.  OOOOOOHHHH NOOOOO!!  Upon instinct I try to rub if off, only to realize I'm most likely only making the problem worse.  So I tell DJ.  He tells me to rub something (I don't recall now what exactly that was...) on it and wash it and it'll be fine.  Well, if it wasn't on the white part, it probably would have been fine.  But of course, it was on the white part, so I had to tell MS.  I tried to be cheery and tell her we could give it to BM and it could be Superman's garage blankey.  She wasn't thrilled.  But I think she's over it.

Until she reads this. 

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