Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fashion Statement

The other day I had given up on DJ to come home, so I decided to go do chores.  I text him what I was doing once I got to the barn.  He said okay, come pick me up at so and so's farm when you're done.  OOOOOOOoookay, be there shortly.

I had three dogs with me, so when I get there he said oh, well let me go get UL and he can take the side by side back out to where the guys are.  I said I'll ride along.  And then I got out of the vehicle.

He said wow.  You've really got quite the fashion statement going on.  Oh yeah.  I knew.

I had on my sunglasses (bright pink and orange, $1 from Target), a gray PCI hooded sweatshirt, pink Victoria's Secret PINK capris, and brown "cow-person" boots.

I really should have had him take a picture of me, so he could set it on his nightstand, looking my best.  Anyway, we get back to where they're working and good 'ol UL didn't know what to think of my get up.  All I could say was my pony doesn't care what I look like as long as I feed him!!

I'm already planning my outfit for the next time I have to go pick him up somewhere.

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