Thursday, March 7, 2013


Guess who is coming to visit this weekend?!  That's right.  MS.  I talked her into it.  Okay, maybe that's not how it went, but she's coming and I'm stoked. 

I'm going to make her take pictures of the quilt I've been working on (which has to be done and wrapped up ready to go by Sunday...) so I can post them on here.  Get excited!!  It's kind of a big deal.

I'm not sure what's on the agenda.  Maybe some junkin' time.  Most definitely some bacon.  And booze.  Ya know, we gotta get practiced up for the big St. Patty's Day weekend next week!! 

Oh yeah, and we've already figured out where we are eating so this time we can make it before the close between dinner and supper.  On. Top. Of. It!! 

And then I get to go to the baby shower and see Ma and Pa and hopefully look at a trailer.  We'll see what time allows. 

Oh yes, before I forget, ddid you know daylight saving time begins this weekend?!  Sunday.  Who knew!?  I didn't until OS told me she wasn't going back with me because of this.  Surprise! 

Oh yes, I also have an awesome recipe to share with ya'll!  Yum.  Hopefully I can post that tomorrow.  Complete with a picture.  I think....


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