Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just Another Reason to Love Me

Last week, after a late night for DJ and myself, I got up to get ready for work.  I take a shower and get ready.  Things are looking good.  I'm going to be to work early for a change.  And then I remember I'm out of Toaster Strudles at work.  I look in the freezer upstairs.  Not there.  I run downstairs.  Not there.  Crap.  They're in the garage.  Now I'm going to be right on time.  If I'm lucky. 

I pull out of the garage and put it in drive.  And then get stuck.  I pop it into 4wheel drive.  I manage to get through the big drift, only to get stuck in the small one right past it.  Crap.  I try backing up, flooring it, everything I can think of.  And then I call DJ. 

"I'm stuck" 
"The driveway"
   "Put it in 4wheel" 
"I did, thanks"
"Are you going to come pull me out or should I just take your truck?" 
   "Is there a place to hook it up?"
"I don't know.  It's dark"
   "Do you need a flashlight?"
   "Go get one"
"Get out here"
   "Is there a place to hook it up on the back?"
"Not that I can see"
   "If you wanted to pull a trailer right now, could you?"
"No.  That's why we have that thing laying in the garage."
   "Oh.......How about on the front?"
"Uh, not that I can see"
"Did you hang up on me?"
    "Uhh, no"
"So are you coming?"

So I text my boss that I'm stuck and will be there when DJ rescues me.  Noticing the dogs are out, I look around for DJ.  Nothing.  I head inside.  He's wandering around the house with just his sweats on. 

"What're you doing?"
   "Uh, looking for shoes"
"You might want to put a shirt or coat on"
"Pick it up bud, I got places to be."

I head back out and wait for him.  He eventually makes it out in his truck.  He gets out to hook it up and looks at it. 
   "You're stuck?"
"I don't know.  Feel free to hop in and drive it on out."

He goes ahead and hooks it to my car and his truck and we hop in.  I'm pretty sure if I could have got a butterfly to give me a little bump, I could have drove it out, because that's about how hard it was for DJ to pull me out. 

We hop out.  He unhooks it.

   "You were stuck?"
  He shakes his head
"Thanks!!  Love you!"
   While laughing-- "Yeah, love you too"

I'm pretty sure I laughed the whole way into work.  He went back to bed.  I'm sure I will never live this down.

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