Friday, March 29, 2013

They Call Me Forrest

On a brighter note,  I ran yesterday.  And I didn't almost die!  (Imagine mixing up those two words!!)  I call that a win!

I don't know how far I went.  I think my gadget said 2.3 miles or something.  I might be making that up though and it's clear in the back room so I am just going with 2.3 miles.  That is including my five minute walk to warm up and cool down.  If I keep up with my program at least every other day, I should be golden by the time the 5k comes around!  Should be...

The weather was aaaahhhhmazing!!!  Gorgeous!  I had on shorts and a long sleeve shirt and definitely didn't need the long sleeves!  The roads were pretty firm, just had to avoid a couple puddles/mud!

The dogs were pretty excited to get out of the yard and run.  UC was ready to be home about 25 minutes in!!  We stopped so they could play in what little snow we have left.

I'm a little sore today, but not like I expected at all!!  I think I have reason to run tonight-- a little steam to blow off!!  Or maybe the margs will capture me first...

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