Monday, March 4, 2013


DJ and I have been talking about building a barn/shed/whatever you want to call it, for quite awhile now.  We put together a rough idea of what we wanted and then we he went and got some quotes for us. 

And then we realized we were broke.

Okay, maybe not broke, but these things are expensive!!  I know, big surprise there!!  We've made some changes though and think we have it how we want it (until we show it to someone else who points out something we missed...) to be built. 

Even with the changes we've made, we still have to think about water, electicity, fence, stalls, and who knows what else I'm forgetting!!  Oh yeah, gravel for a driveway.  So we're saving.  Or at least trying to!

I've been working on limiting myself to eating out no more than once a week for lunch and bringing leftovers from home the other days.  I've also been trying to make more homemade items instead of buying them-- tortilla shells are my next attempt.  Watching for sales on food and buying store brand items are something I continue to do-- I am my mother's child after all. 

So while I'm trying to saving pennies, you guys need to go support the economy for me! Or just send me some cash.  It's up to you really.

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