Monday, February 4, 2013

O Christmas Tree

I'm only a month or two behind on this post, no big deal.

DJ and I had just moved into the house in December 2011, so when I suggested getting a Christmas tree that year, I immediately got shut down.  My boss ended up giving me a little metal red one that is a little over a foot tall.  And that was my tree.  Sir Scrooge (aka DJ) won that time.  Ma ended up giving us some ornaments for Christmas that year and I found two 2011 ornaments on clearance after the holidays-- one for JW (UC wasn't with us yet) and one for DJ and I. 

Fast forward a year and I break out the little red Christmas tree.  I load it up with our six ornaments (all it could hold, mind you) and sigh, thinking there's my tree for the year. 

During my Christmas shopping excursions, I would price fake trees and ask DJ if I can get one.  I was shot down every single time.  He told me to wait.  I decided I would wait until after Christmas and get one on clearance.  I was satisfied with the idea of that.

And then I asked him if we could get a real tree.  With a little help on persuading him from MS, he threw the chainsaw in the truck and off we went.  I found some I would settle for, knowing I had very little time before he would call it quits on me, but had him drive around just in case there was a better one.  And then I found it!  I was in love.  We got out and he cut it down for me and we carried it back to the truck.  We threw it in and headed home.  We were pulling out when we spotted some really nice full ones and he asked if I wanted one of them instead, I said no, I loved ours.

So we came home and we set it up in the garage to dry.  We moved the furniture around and made room for the tree and then brought it in and dressed it up.  Two strings of lights plus our six ornaments that were moved from the little red tree made me fall in love with it all over again.

Here it is:

The Holy Knollies' first real Christmas tree!  Sorry for the terrible photo quality-- I should adjust the settings on my phone.  You can even see my awesome windmill tail on the wall!
I think everyone who saw it laughed, including DJ.  So it was a little bare towards the top!!
  A couple of ladies at work gave me some more ornaments and by the time Christmas rolled around, it was pretty full.  Ma ended up giving us more ornaments this year and I hung them on for a few days before DJ said it was time to throw it out, what a sad day that was.

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