Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Other Side

A few weeks ago I was asked to go to my alma mater for a career fair and represent the company I work for. I agreed to go and talk to the students.

That night I had to go to the city and find some khakis. No, I did not own a pair of khakis, go ahead and judge me.

I head there and after driving around the parking garage forever, found a spot and headed in. I happened to find the two ladies I would spend my day with on my journey in. We got set up and went over a couple things. The students started coming in and didn't stop! The day went by so fast!

How crazy for me. I was on the opposite side of the conversation just a couple years ago. It was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed being able to be there for students to ask questions and be able to relate do easily. One guy even commented on how I was probably in his spot not long ago.

Maybe I'll go to the next one too and be able to talk to more and more people.

Even though it's only been a couple years, all I ever got from companies was candy, pens, and stress balls. Now they have stuff like magnetic koozies, ear buds, flash lights, and who knows what else I didn't see!!

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