Friday, August 10, 2012


You know how when you get home from vacation and you feel so rested up and ready to take on the world?  Yeah, that was not me.  Woofta!  What a trip!!

I left last Thursday for County on the River in Prairie du Chien, WI.  I had to pick up JT and LR on the way, not to mention pack before I left, so Day 1 of vacation: no sleeping in.  We get to the hotel and meet up with PW and WI to do a little jet skiing.  Off to the lake we go.  Arrive at lake.  Get informed the lake is a "No wake lake."  Leave.  (maybe crack open a cold one about now...)  Once PW and WI decide on a new lake we head that way.  Two hours later: arrive at new lake.  I think we were on the water for a touch over three hours. Jet skiing. Falling off Jumping off to pee.  Crawling back on jet ski.  Tubing.  Falling off.  Crawling back on tube.  Falling off.  Crawling back on ski.  Falling off (due to some terrible driving...).  Crawling back on ski.  Jumping.  Soaking up sun.  Etc...  Talk about a workout!!  Those aren't supposed to happen on vacation!!!  By the time we get loaded up and on the road again, we're all starving.  Off to BWW's we go to fill our little tum tums.  Then to the hotel.  Hot tub.  Shower.  Pass out!!!

Enter Friday.  Holy soreness.  Wake up early to go to breakfast at the joint down the road.  Eat (yummm).  Booze/Chair run.  Off to COTR!  Arrive.  Park.  Drink.  Sweat.  Burn.  Drink.  Burn.  Sweat.  Repeat.  Ahh sun goes down!  Concert.  My lovely future husband!!  :o)  Soo cute, want to touch the hiney.  Seriously guys, it was sooo hot.  And brilliant us, didn't take a pop up tent for shade (lesson learned).  We got back to the hotel around 1 I think and by the time we all made a mud slide showered it was after two. 

Enter Saturday.  Up and getting ready to go tailgate again.  Forecast is cooler and rainy.  PERFECT!!  WI and PW went to get a pop up tent (not that we used it) and we headed back to PdC.  Then it rained.  So we sat in the truck and drank.  And then we went to the concert and danced (as much as we could, as we were still quite sore).  We got pretty stinkin' close to GFA, until an old crabby lady decided to get the cops involved because apparently there is to be no dancing/crowding/moving at concerts... riiiight.  Luckily this happened on the second to last song.  Then we go back to our chairs to continue dancing/singing.  We left and got to the hotel a bit earlier than the previous night, but still, not real early.  Plus we had to tell each other good night.

Enter Sunday.  DJ shot me down last weekend when I asked to go play in the river on the Terex.  (Due to drought conditions, it's more like a path with puddles.)  Instead, deciding to go this weekend and the group was leaving by noon so if I wanted to go I had to be home by there.  So we were up by 645 and on the road by 7-- not shabby for 3 chickas.  We stopped for breakfast and then I dumped off JT and LR and fueled up the VW and headed home.  Only to find out they had postponed the ride.  Yesss-- nap time!!  Just kidding.  I don't remember what happened to disturb me, but I know a nap didn't happen.  Oh!!  I had to go get booze.  So I took the dogs for a drive.  Well first I had to empty the cooler from the road trip.  So I get to the gas station and fill the cooler.  I get home and go to text DJ I was ready.  Hmm... where'd my phone go?  So I get on my iPhone (not activated) and send PW a message to call my cell.  Not in my car.  Not in the house.  Hmm... oh yes, I set it on the hood of my car when I emptied the cooler.  Great.  Load the dogs back up and start driving.  Good news:  I found it in front of AL's house!  Still works :)  So by the time I get home from that and laid on the couch, in strolls DJ ready to roll.  Off we went.  After stopping by the neighbors and getting stuck and touring, we get back home and grill, only to have the neighbors bring their dog over for a play date.  So we ate and went to bed, later than I normally do on the weekdays!! 

Needless to say, Monday morning was rough.  But I made it!!  Stay tuned for my awesome story from Tues!!

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