Monday, July 30, 2012

Going to Church--Twice

Awww... a few years back I fell in love.  (Yes, this was indeed before I had met DJ...)  It was a summer night in August 2007.  Girls night out.  A few of my best friends and I went to the state fair.  A few hours later I called my cousin exclaiming I was in love.  Ahh yes, the night I met Eric Church.  The night he signed my boot.  And the night he told me I have pixie feet.  Yes folks, if that isn't true love, I don't know what is.  He is such a romantic. 

Fast forward (practically) five years... I saw him again.  Okay, so I've seen him many many times between then and now, but I didn't have a blog then.  And the best part??  I'm seeing him again next weekend.  That's right-- love.  There are few men in this world I would travel hours for and spend my vacation time on, but he in fact, is one of them.  Maybe this time I can have him sign another boot?  Or maybe we'll just run off together to never be seen again... awww... the possibilites.

If ya don't hear from me by next week, you can assume we are on our honeymoon. :o)

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