Monday, August 20, 2012

Making Dad Proud

The seed company PB works for, which is also the seed company that DJ's family buys the seed from, held their summer kickoff last Tuesday so we headed north for the party.  Who can resist free food, booze, and lodging?  Not us!!  We get there early so we head to the hotel bar.  We see some folks from back home and they inform us PB has a tab open (translation: Hello free drinks!!).  We chat there for awhile before the conference room is opened up.  Once that opened we headed there and got some more drinks and some snacks that were sitting out for us.  We chatted with a bunch of people, from the old home and from the new home areas. 

Once it got close to supper time, we all went into the conference room and enjoyed a steak dinner and more drinks.  After everyone ate, they gave away some TV's (none of us won, boo).  Our entertainment for the night was the Dueling Pianos.  This was my first experience with them, and I have to say, they were so much fun!!  They got us all involved and I think everyone stayed until the end!  One of the guys I went to high school with was called up to participate in one part of it and they gave him the nickname Brawney Man.  Once he had that nickname, there was no getting away from being the entertainment for the rest of us (at his expense!)  They called him up to dance or something, and after a glass or two too many of CR, I decided I needed to go show him how it is done! 

Bad idea...  I shed the flip flops and started doing my tumbling.  I must have been inspired by the olympics or something!  This was a shock for DJ and my old roommate, as neither of them had a clue I could do such things!!  So then I was called Cartwheel Girl.  I also stole a bunch of pens and passed them out to the crowd before skipping on out of there back to the hotel bar (because clearly I needed more to drink!!) 

PB called the next morning and said they had mentioned me in the meeting... apparently I didn't medal at the olympics.  Yep, I'm sure he was proud of his baby that night!!

Oh darn you CR, you win again!!

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