Thursday, August 30, 2012

Front Yard Fun

With the rental went the electrical pole in the front yard, which just happened to be what the climbing rose bush climbed.  I'm not sure where I was when they tore the pole out, but I was a little sad to see the rose bush gone.  And then I was told they had saved it and it was laying by the garage.  Perfect!  So I went to work digging a hole and stuck it in and watered it.  And watered it.  And watered it.  And nothing.  Finally DJ ripped it out and sent it to the burn pile.  Sad. 

Fast forward a couple months when DJ was mowing one day and low and behold:  They were growing back where the pole had been!  And he didn't mow it over!!  That's right.  Made. My. Day!  Whoop Whoop!!  And then another little one popped up.  And then another.  WHAAAT!!!  Awesome.  And they kept growing.  And growing.  And growing.  After watching them grow like weeds, we decided they needed something to climb.  The big one was at the point of just falling over.  I told DJ we could put the flag pole there, but he was not a fan of that idea.  I suggested picking something up at Home Depot or Menards.  He pretty much ignored me. 

And then he had an idea. 

I love it!  I bought this old wheel from my grandparents' auction without having an idea where to put it or what to do with it.  I guess DJ got tired of it sitting behind the shed and decided to put it in the front yard!  (Ignore poor Teddy hanging out in the background... he might've lost a nose that day...)  I'm hoping once the other smaller ones start to grow I'll be able to weave them in the wheel as well.  I'm pretty excited for it to bloom next year!

I don't think DJ considered the fact that he just added something to the yard meaning he'll have to weed eat around it!! 

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