Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend Travels

Last weekend I headed off to Kansas while DJ got ready for harvest. 

After what seemed like forever, I finally got out of construction and into a different state.  One or two turn arounds later, I was picking up supper at a sketchy pizza joint in small town Kansas.  (Note: the pizza itself was pretty good.)  I sped off towards the ranch and made it shortly after my little Radish's bedtime.  Which meant her mom and I stayed up all night catching up and reminiscing. 

Saturday we went for a walk in the city park.  I was able to practice up on my car seat and stroller strapping skills-- it's been a day or two since I've had to do that!  We headed back to the house for lunch and then it was nap time for Radish and then for her mom!  I took some flower girl dresses with me for her to try on so we had a little fashion show while her mom slept.  Pretty sure she might be the cutest thing ever! 

We made an attempt at Grandma's fried chicken and mashed tators and gravy for supper.  I was pretty impressed with our work.  It wasn't as good as Grandma's, but I think we're getting close.  We spent the rest of the night hanging out and telling tall tales of their wedding reception...

I spent the morning with them before loading up and heading back home. 

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