Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kansas. Take II

This past weekend I went back to Kansas.  I didn't make the trip solo this time.  I headed back home and then Pa and I took off for our annual race weekend.  He usually gives me a couple hours notice before we decide to go; this time he gave me a couple weeks.  Lucky for us, the couple that went with us booked our hotel for us so there were no bugs, bullet proof glass, or strangers sharing our room with us on this trip.  (Yes.  All of those things have previously happened to us on these weekends.)  This hotel was a little nicer than we were used to.
Our hotel.  And the back of Pa's head.
We got our bags into the room and then went down to the bar to meet before supper.  We had a drink and then headed off to find food.  We ate and watched some football before heading back to the hotel bar.  I recalled a time when we weren't able to buy alcohol before the race, so we made a trip to the liquor store that night and stocked up on some goodies.  We got back to the hotel to watch the Huskers lose (sorry Ma) and called it a night. 
We were up and out of the hotel on time and headed to the track.  We got parked and tailgated for a few hours before the race started.  We had really good seats in a different section than we had had in previous years. 
The cool flyover

I jinxed Gordon by going to the race (like every time I go...), but hopefully he'll still find a way to get his 5th Championship! 

Another good trip for the books :)

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