Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Home Sweet Home

This weekend was a busy one. 

Gma and Gpa are getting ready to head back to Arizona so Uncle Toad came out to drive them.  I decided (last minute of course) to put together a little get together back home to see them all before they left.  Once DJ got off work, we headed back.  After waiting for Ma and Pa to arrive, I decided to invite my old roommate as well.  We all ate and had a drink laugh or two.  I decided to meet up with some old classmates after that.  Saturday morning came early!

DJ got up and made breakfast and his dad and uncle came over to eat.  They went out to work on the barn door while I ran into work before Peter and Wisconsin got there.  I stopped in to see how things were going and was sent on a parts run.  As I was walking to the car, Chuckles comes screamin in.  She took me on the parts run and as soon as we got back, in pulled the horse trailer. 

We got the horses unloaded and in the pasture. 

Then it was off to work.  We had to finish building fence!  We got our supply list and we girls headed to the store.

FYI:  Bomgaars does NOT return items you purchased at True Value.  Weird.  I know.

We made a couple other stops and then had BWW's for lunch before returning home to put the fence up.  We managed to get it up and the horses haven't got through it yet, so we consider that a win!

We went on a little ride before calling it a night. 

Sunday was spent recuperating!   

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