Monday, September 8, 2014


The week snuck by me and I can honestly say I don't remember why it was so busy!!

The barn is getting closer to complete-- woot woot!! We have the measuring wheel to figure out fencing supplies.  I'm hoping to get the fence in before harvest starts so that way when it's time for the hippos to move in, I won't need to pull DJ out of the field.  We  Mainly DJ, got the millings all spread out last week and then the guys formed for concrete.  If it ever decides to stop raining every other day, we might get that poured!  I think after that we'll just have the waterer to hook up.  The stall(s) probably won't be put in until spring.  They'll still be able to get into the lean to and if the weather gets too bad we will figure out a way to get them completely inside and away from the wind. 

DJ spent the weekend getting ready for harvest and I did 89 loads of laundry. 

Ma came up yesterday and we went to a couple bridal fairs.  They didn't take us too long to get through since we have a photographer and venue already.  We meet with a caterer for a tasting in a couple weeks.  Little Radish's flower girl dresses came in and I can't wait to get them to her to try on!!!  She's gonna be adorable!! 

I got a call after we left those that I had won.  I thought she said something about a pan.  I went to pick it up and turns out, I won a trash can.  Am I the only one who thinks that's odd!? 

Hope you have a great week!!  We're down to 16 weeks until the big day!

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