Monday, September 29, 2014


We headed out on Tuesday and stopped about dark.  We got up and finished the trek to Colorado.  Our first stop was the Budweiser Brewery in Fort Collins.  We got to see some Natty Lite packaged so DJ was pretty excited about that!  They were going so fast that it was hard to see them go by!

After our complimentary drinks, we left there and stopped to eat lunch since I'm the picky one and don't like pretzels.  We had some delicious food before the short jaunt to Estes.  

DJ and I got the bunk beds for the stay.  
That night we went and watched the elk-- I used the other camera to take pictures, so I guess I'll have to bring that in and upload some of those.
We ate some BBQ after that and called it a night.
Thursday we went over the hill and into Rocky Mountain National Park.  I believe we had a drink or two at the Wheel that night.

Friday, we girls went for a ride through RMNP.  We met up with the guys after and ended up just ordering pizza and sitting on the deck all night talking.  We had amazing weather while we were there!

Now to figure out where to go next year...

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