Monday, June 2, 2014

There Goes Another

Hold up, it's June.  What the heck?!  That's crazy talk. 

I spent Friday shuffling horses around.  My tub is now at OS's with one of hers-- I think that means we are one step closer to actually riding said horses!!  Now to find a free weekend...

We've been having some crazy weather here the past few days.  It'll drop 10+ degrees in a minute or two, pour like crazy for about ten minutes, clear up, and the temp goes right back up as fast as it fell.  One side of my yard got watered, the other was dry. 

The barn is supposed to be going up this week-- whoop whoop!!!  So exciting!!  And I think we're getting our mousers this week(end) as well.  Oh, and I'm hoping when I get home, the A/C is fixed.  There's a reason this girl wasn't born back in the ol' prairie days!! 

DJ has big plans to tile around the house this week and then I'll finally be able to do some much needed landscaping around the house.  Hopefully this also fixes the basement window from leaking during downpours. 

Have a great week!!!!

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