Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Do You Believe in Laugh After Love

 That was the text I got from LR the other day.  I thought I just had my own little personal Cher Baby singing to me.  And then LR asks if I want to go see Cher.  Being the cheapass that I am, I said, "Ain't they expensive?"  She said no.  And then mentioned the little fact that she had tickets and no one to go with her.  Hmm... I dont know, I had some pretty exciting plans of looking up races for the boss and me... Boom. Instant plans.  Let's go.

Problem #1.  What does a bum like myself wear to Cher?  I do not currently own a pair of hot pants, but I think I may need to invest so I have a pair ready for nights like this. 

Problem #2.  I suggested meeting and going from there together.  Perfect.  I take off and take the back roads because I know where I'm going.  Rigggghhhtt...  Note to Self: Road numbers don't necessarily go in order.  I turned around thinking I missed it because I was gauking/jammin out.  I get back to the original street and realized I had not missed it.  Apparently the two roads don't cross, so I hop on a random (curvy) road and keep truckin.  I try pulling up directions online, but it won't load.  I try looking it up on my navigation app, it tries taking me to a store an hour and a half away.  I'm on my own.  If only I had my old Rand McNally... After what seemed like forever, I reached the otherside of the ghetto and our meeting point. 

Problem #3.  How do we get there?  Go straight!  We eventually found it.  So much for going out to eat.  Mac and Don's Steakhouse it was. 

We finally get parked and walk into the show.  I'm pretty sure we were the youngest ones there.  By a long shot.  Cyndi Lauper opened for Cher.  My oh my.  My eyes saw things they can never unsee again...

Onto Cher.  What a show.  Had I been a fan and known half her songs, it probably would have been awesome.  However, I am not and did not.  LR knew a few more than I do, but there were a couple few we had no idea on.  If you get the chance, go.  It was something else, unlike any concert I'd seen before.  I hope I'm in that good of shape by the time I'm 68!! 

Thanks for taking me, LR!  We can add it to our books of random nights!! :)

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