Thursday, June 12, 2014

Marley in the Making

Have you ever read the book, or even seen the movie, Marley and Me?  It's a true story based on the author's dog.  He's kind of a hellion.

I think he's back.  This time his name is MC. 

He's managed to break two kennel bottoms.  He's ate a couple remotes-- good thing we didn't watch that TV much anyway!  He's ripped up a few blankets.  And working on a mattress.  He's a complete bully to other dogs; he often gets in trouble for dragging his older brother around by the neck/collar.  He opens the door, but doesn't close it (this may have come from watching DJ do the same thing).  I haven't been able to find my flip flop for a long, long time.  He barks at children.  He doesn't like people.  I think his favorite activity is trying to knock me over.  He thinks the basement is the perfect place to do his doo-doo-dees. 

And then he transforms into the biggest cuddle bug.  With a face that can melt even the coldest of hearts. 

Aww we love the big ol lug.

At the end of the movie they have to put Marley down and bury him.  I'm already dreading that day!  Until then, I guess I'll just keep cleaning up his messes. 

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