Monday, January 7, 2013

The Question

I should have kept track of the number of times I (or we) got asked "the question" over the holidays!!  There was a birthday party, a concrete holiday party, our farm Christmas party, new years eve party, and birthday "party."  Not to mention just when we run into people when we're in town.  Seriously, everyone wants to know when we're getting married.  And there is nothing on my left ring finger.  Nothing.  Well, some hair.  Cuz I'm a freak.

I just laugh and tell them not for awhile because I told him I wanted my barn before a ring.  The guys usually go off about how horses are hay burners (as if they're the first ones to tell me such...) and the girls either say seriously?  or oh.  I'm not sure what I'll start saying once my barn is built and there's still no date set.  Maybe I'll try not for a long time cuz then he'll want a kid popping out and I'm in no rush for that?!  Or maybe after I have my (horse) baby.  I mean really, which is more important?  Horse babies or weddings?!  Weddings can wait.  Right??

They all seem to be pretty worried about it.  Maybe we won't get married.  Just keep living in sin, ma will appreciate that.

I read on someone's blog with the same problem, so she just started throwing out random dates.  I'm considering this.  Seriously.  DJ told a few 11-12-13, which is a Tuesday or something.  Looks like we're goin' to the courthouse!!  Each person who asks is going to get a different answer.  Then when they'll talk they won't know who heard right... and then we'll probably get asked again by them, giving them a different answer.  We'll see how long it takes for them to catch on.


Most of the people who ask are people who will probably know he has a ring before I will!  Oh well.  I guess I'll stick to my barn story for now.

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