Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I feel like I should post.  I haven't for a couple days.  And I have the time.  BUT I have nothing to write about!!

I can't upload pictures from this computer either (that being a big reason I rarely put any pictures with my posts!!)  It pops up like I'm going to be able to and then nothing.  I just have my screen with a see through one on top and I can't click on anything so I end up closing out of my window! 

DJ got me a present!  We went to get him some warm pants to wear under his jeans and the 40% off sign caught my eye!  I suckered him into buying me some sweet pink Muck boots.
Arctic Sport Snow Muck Boots - Hot Pink

(hopefully the picture showed up)  Pretty sweet right!?  I'm pretty excited to wear them!  I'll get to try them out when I do chores this week.  He also got me a shirt.  I don't know what kind-- it's a man's shirt.  While in the rental, I would steal one of his (he has two) and wear it to bed because it was so cold.  Last month I got accused of stealing one (he later found it in a bag).  So I scooped up one of those too-- my size!!  Whoop whoop!  Maybe I'll wear it when I start running again. 

Oh yeah, have I told you that I'm going to start doing that again in February!?  I'm already dreading February 1!! 

I also tried to talk him into getting me another hat; like the one I had on in the store.  It didn't happen.  :(  Everyone loves it though!  (okay,  maybe I just tell myself that)  I'm pretty sure I look ridiculous in it and people just tell me I look good so they can laugh at me when I wear it in public-- AND I'm totally okay with that!  I told him we'd go back later, when the winter stuff is (hopefully) on clearance!

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