Thursday, January 17, 2013

Planning Ahead

I got an e-mail from Shutterfly the other day.  It had a promo code for a free photobook, kind of like a yearbook.  I thought that was a good deal (one normally runs ~$30).  I decided I'd see if I could whip something up.  I started looking through my photos, and JT's photos on Facebook, and thought I could do a concert one.  I did go to a bunch of those last year.  And then nothing happened.

I went to bed or went and did something else and I was thinking Valentine's Day is coming.  I could whip one up about DJ and me and give to him.  (Yeah, I know, just what every dude wants!)  So I started looking into it and playing around the other night before we went out to eat.  So I knew he would go to bed early one night, so I stayed up and whipped it together. 

I get it all done and go to preview it and order it or whatever.  And then I realize it was supposed to be twenty pages.  Not ten, like I had done...

So I push off my bedtime some more (I was already at least an hour past it) and was able to finish it in time to use the code!  With a couple hours to spare!!  It is supposed to be in before Valentine's Day even!  Bonus!  I just have to order the other part of his gift and I'll be done shopping for (hopefully) a long time!!

Hope he likes it!  I'm sure he'll carry it with him and show all of his friends what an awesome gift he got!!  Baha!!

Who'm I kidding?!

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