Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Kickin'

I'm sure you're glad to hear that I haven't let the running thing get the best of me.  Yet.  I actually ran my first 5k this weekend!  Well... it wasn't an organized event, I just ran 5k.  I did it under 30 min, which is what my training program says to allow-- go ahead and tell me, I'm a rockstar.  :)  Oh yeah, I was running with the pack-- all three dogs joined me for the jog.  I had to unleash UC and let him catch up during my cooldown.  (no worries-- he got back at me the next day...)

DJ and I cleaned out both garages (okay, the main one still needs worked on...) and then went to the city to look for some sort of storage.  He didn't find what he wanted and at the second store decided enough was enough so we went and got stuff to make pizza and headed home.  We made pizza, watched a movie, and went to bed.  We're almost too exciting! 

Sunday I got up and went riding with his mom and a couple of her friends.  The first place we tried was closed so we headed to another place.  We had a good ride, minus losing a person for awhile.  (nope-- not me this time!)  The ponies sure did get workouts in and it was a gorgeous day to be outside!!

I got home and let the dogs out.  I opened the door and smelled revenge.  Yep-- piles of dog poo.  Blech!!  I don't remember how many piles, but I do know I had to go get another sack for it all.  Who knew so much could come out of a dog in so little time!!  The more I think about it, maybe it wasn't revenge, maybe it was the biscuits(s) DJ fed him...

So I cleaned that up and showered and ate and worked on MS's Christmas present.  Yeah, I'm already thinking about Christmas!! 

Depending how it turns out, I may post a picture.

Have a great week and hopefully I'll remember to send the email with the stories from my trip to blogger and get those posted!!

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