Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Another Day

Earlier this week I was due for a run.  It was warm out so I didn't take UC.  I hooked up JW and cranked up the tunes.  (whoops-- just remembered I was going to email myself the trip post...maybe tonight.)  We headed out and did our warm up walk then started running like the wind.  I wasn't even ten minutes in and I thought I was going to die!!  Ugh... I thought this was supposed to get easier!?  I pushed on through and got to the half way point and turned around.

Due to the awesome road conditions, I tend to run in the middle of the road.  This leads to me looking over my shoulder every so often.  Well JW and I were almost to the corner and I glanced back like usual.  And then I face planted.  Just kidding, but some day I will write that and I won't be kidding... it's coming!  Ok, so I glance back.  Something is coming.  Okay, we'll move over.  I glance again.  Oh.  That is not a vehicle.  Those are horses.  There are two horses running at us.  Alright. 

So I get JW turned around and we keep running.  Although this was actually the easiest part of the run because I was focused on something besides my inablility to breath....  I get to them; luckily no cars decided to pass between this time.  They have their halters on, so I put my iPhone and JW's leash in one hand and have a horse on my other.  DJ's mom comes down the road then and brings me a lead rope.  She says she'll go put her dog away (the reason the horses were on the road...) and then come back and get him.  So I start walking him back, trying to keep JW away from the other one since she's scared of dogs.  His mom meets me and takes him from there.  JW and I turn back towards home.

UC sure is glad to see us.  I let him out so they can play around the yard.  I head into the kitchen to find a bag on the floor.  A bag that used to contain a pizza crust.  I guess he got even again...

Ahh just another day for me here!! 

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