Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sorry for the lack of posting.  I was at a workshop for work all last week-- trust me, there will be some posts about that trip! 

On a completely different subject, we're done harvesting!!!  Whoooo hooo!  Yep, they finished up last week while I was gone.  It's hard to say if they still have some custom stuff to pick or not; I've barely seen DJ since last Wednesday, so I haven't been drilling him with twenty questions every time we talk.  Or maybe I just haven't been listening to the answers... okay, that's more likely the truth right there!!

I was also able to go junking before I left for the trip!!  I got three big windows, a lantern, a door knob, some block letters and these beautes!! 


You should really check out The Banks of Squaw Creek.  She has some great stuff on there!!  How fun.  I haven't figured out what to do with them yet, so they're sitting in the guest bedroom.  Ma was pretty impressed with them; I'm not sure DJ has seen them.

I'm not sure what to do with the windows yet either, but now have them for when I run across something fun and different on Pinterest!  I got the door knob for my corner door shelf, but haven't put it on yet to see if I like it (big surprise I know).  The blocks are on the molding around a door and a window.  I'm not sure if DJ has noticed them; he hasn't said anything about them anyway! 

I continued my running regime while gone.  I was quite impressed with myself-- I went after a fish fry and after a banquet, so I totally could have made up an excuse to just go to bed instead!!  Less than two months till the big day!!  Oh, I got signed up!  So did MS!!  Hopefully we all cross the finish line under our own power and not on a stretcher!!

I'll finish a blog about the trip soon and get it posted before you think I have given up on blogging again!!

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