Friday, October 7, 2016


DJ called me around lunchtime asking where I was.  I was at work. He told me there had been a peahen sighting and I should go look for her.  He told me where she was and I headed that direction. I couldn't find her so called and asked for a better idea of where she was.I turned around and looked again and that's when Bill pulled up behind me and said she had moved to a different road.He said she was huge and wasn't sure how I was going to catch her, but I had a plan. I headed that way and spotted her little head in the ditch. As I got closer, she got bigger and bigger, and that's when I realized it was an emu. I was not prepared to try and attempt to catch something that large so I called DJ and told him that it wasn't our peahen, but maybe he knew who has emus.  Once I was back at work, he called and said the owner was after her.
I decided next time I would be prepared to catch a pterodactyl if given the opportunity.

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