Thursday, June 23, 2016

Things I've Learned This Year Pt 2

We're about halfway into 2016 so I thought I'd better add a few more items to my list.  

1. Don't assume peafowl will hide in trees.  Check a bean field if you can't find yours.

2. Playing the mating call of a peacock on youtube won't necessarily get your peahen to come home.

3. Making horse babies isn't as easy as one may think.

4. The boys have Uncle DJ wrapped around their little fingers and don't even know it.  They want a pool at our house?  Okay!  This may also come in handy for a new puppy I've had my eye on... ;)

5. I'm glad I didn't have to search for a house.  House hunting is not all fun and games.  Quite stressful actually and it's not even for me!!  But now I'm on a mission.

6. I don't like rabbits.  

7. Not all UTV's will fit in a three horse trailer.  We just happen to have one of those that won't...

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