Thursday, June 16, 2016

Garden tour

Here's what I'm currently lookin at in my flower garden. The vegetable Garden is all weeds so I will skip that part of the tour.
Zennias from my boss. 
My cushion Spurge came back after the rabbits ate them off. 
This funky little guy is new this year. 
So are these neat little balloon flowers. 
And this one. 
And this butterfly weed. 

These guys both survived another winter.

That's pretty much all I have at the moment. I missed the tulips, red poppies, and alliums so I'll have to search my phone for pictures of those. The lilies are getting close to popping and I might be able to snap a picture of my yellow poppies.
I'll do a tour of pots as well, once it cools down and they look a little more perky. 

Happy Friday!!

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