Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Did we really just celebrate Independence Day?  It feels more like Labor Day.  Maybe.

I'm not complaining.  That will happen next week when we have temperatures that are normal for this time of year.

We've been able to check some items off the to-do list outside so that's always exciting.

The sidewalk and patio were colored over the long weekend and I must say they did pretty good for their first time!

My flower garden has been under water more than once since the sidewalk was poured so we're working on fixing that problem.

I was able to harvest my first item out of the garden last night!  A little green pepper was hiding under all the weeds!  And to think, DJ wanted to mow the garden off... pshh!!

Sammi's coming over tonight and I doubt too much wedding planning happens.  Although, a bloomer dropper or two might be consumed.

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