Tuesday, July 28, 2015


My friend from college came back from Florida a couple weekends ago and Juice and I were able to pick her up from the airport and hang out with her for a bit.  (Luckily Juice's baby didn't fall out!)  I'm sure her husband would have rather listened to blaring static on the radio instead of listening to us three jabber on.  Pretty sure it was the longest car ride he's ever been on!!  We had a good time though!!  It's so funny how we pick up right where we left off!  Now to plan a trip to Florida!!

This past weekend we went to a wedding.  We're down to only three left for the year!

This week we're working on getting some permanent fencing up for the horses.  I can honestly say I am terrible at measuring things with a wheel-- the whole walking straight thing... yeah, it's hard.

This week I have a wedding shower and bachelorette party to attend.  To the bar, Walter!!

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