Friday, March 27, 2015

Change of Plans

I was supposed to leave yesterday after work for Omaha.  A nice little get away before planting starts.  Well that trip got cancelled so I ended up doing chores like normal.  I was heading back inside to finish a baby blanket and Clyde came to meet me.  We played fetch and then he decided to take me out.  120 pounds of pure muscle by a mastiff that thinks he's a greyhound straight to the knee... felt good!  DJ text me about that time so I told him I was lying in the yard and wasn't sure I could get up.  He was headed to drop the mower off at Aunt Lynn's.  So I thought he'd be right there to check on me.  I was wrong.  Apparently he thinks me lying in the yard on a 40 degree day is normal!?  I waddled inside to the couch and he got home awhile later.
The neighbors wanted to know what the new plan was since Omaha got cancelled.  I was going to work half a day and then we were going to do a little road trip this afternoon.  And then that got cancelled.  Now I'm working a full day.  Limping around on one leg... being laughed at by everyone I see.

I really needed that vacation...

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